Husband in hospital


I am writing to ask for prayers for my husband. He has been having a persistent cough, chest pains, shortness of breath and other symptoms for about a week. This week, Monday, they did a chest x-ray at my dh’s request, and found a spot on his lung. They ordered a CT scan, done today, and found pulmonary embolus on both lungs. He had to be admitted immediately to the hospital. He is there now. He is on a heparin drip to thin his blood and these blood clots. It is still very serious and it has to be on strict bedrest. If these embolus dislodges, he could die. The doctors are not taking any chances. He is a little scared. Our daughter is very worried for her daddy. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.


Praying to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother for your husband and your family




Many prayers your way.


I know it is very scarey. I pray for your husband and your family. May God watch over him and keep him well.


Nana, you and your family are always in my prayers. Take it easy and hang in there. I know that things have not been easy for you. Just remember you have alot of people out there who are praying for you and your family. Just be strong.




I started praying as soon as I saw the title of your thread. Your husband and your family are in my prayers.


Praying, Nana.


Not only Prayers for your husband but Prayers for you to give you strength you need in these diffcult times.:blessyou:


Nana, I am praying for your DH & you.


He and your whole family will be in my prayers :).


You and your husband will be prayed for.


How frightening. What a blessing that he asked for an x-ray. God is certainly working! I will keep praying for your husband & family. Please keep us updated.


Prayer said…keep us posted. God bless.



I can relate to your husband with what he is going through.

He is in my prayers as well as your family. :gopray:


Thank you to all of you and your prayers. I just came from visiting my husband and took my daughter, who cheered him up. She was crying and wanting to see daddy, so I took her and she helped and that made her feel good to be part of his recovery.

He looks better than last night, but not out of the woods yet. He is on oxygen and has breathing treatments every two hours. He is still on complete bedrest, which he hates, but the alternative could be death, so he doesn’t complain to much. He had an echocardiogram this morning, but we do not know the results yet. He still has difficulty in breathing, but not as bad as last night. He is not wheezing so much either. He is on the blood thinner still via IV and will be for about three more days. He might get out on Monday or Tuesday. The doctors want to make sure he doesn’t have any blood clots before going home. He is complaining of leg pain and I told the nurse, for I don’t want him to have a blood clot in his legs but she said the doctor will be notified. I hope it is nothing.

My little girl has been very good throughout all this. This morning she woke up and grabbed the Rosary and started to pray for her daddy. That was so beautiful and then she asked me if I wanted to join her and, of course, I said yes. She didn’t want to leave the hospital, but I told her daddy needed his rest as well. She made him a cute homemade “get well” card and it had a blue horse on the front. She said it was blue because it was sick and not feeling well just as her dad. Her dad loved it and it helped him smile. He does look very depressed, but it was nice to see him smile with our daughter.

Keep on praying and I will keep you all up to date. Thanks so much and it is so nice to have this family here on the forum to turn to for prayers. My dh is a Knight in the Knights of Colulmbus and they are all praying also and called me to see if I needed help in anything. My daughter’s school also called and offered help and prayers. It is so beautiful to see the love of God in all of you. I hope with all these prayers, my husband will come out fine and come home to us.


Your daughter is praying the Rosary! That is wonderful!

Still praying. :slight_smile:


Well, my dh is still in the hospital and still on oxygen. They have discontinued it twice and had to put him back on it by the end of each day. His oxygen saturation doesn’t seem to stay normal unless he is on the oxygen. He was in good spirits today. He had his family as well as mine visit him. He had a full day of visiters. My daughter did not want to go with me to the hospital for she is not feeling well so I left her with one of my sisters.

My dh had a VQ scan, a scan done to see if he still had the clots, and he does. He is still receiving breathing treatments and I have not heard him wheeze. That is good. He wants to be off of bedrest and come home. He is tired of being a pin cushion. He is all bruised up, but that is normal while on heparin and coumadin. He did get his flu shot and pneumonia shot today.

The results of his echocardiogram was normal. That is also another bit of good news. His doctor said that he would be coming home before Thanksgiving, but that he will need daily lab work to check his heparin level. It is now a 1.3 and they want it to be a 2.0 before discharging him home. My husband did ask about the clots in his lung and the doctor said that they won’t leave the lungs and stay where they are. He is confused and so am I for the our primary doctor was so urgent in telling us to get to the ER for heparin therapy and so that the clot would not travel to the heart or brain. Maybe with heparin in his body, it is not longer a threat, but then the order for bedrest is continued. I hope to be able to talk to the doctor myself. I know my dh told me he will be getting another doctor tomorrow. They rotate them there on that floor.

Thanks for the prayers and please continue. He is getting better. I guess when he gets discharge, our primary doctor will look into why he got the clots to begin with. I think it is that he had a predisposition to them from his family history. His grandmother and an aunt died of pulmonary emboli.


See if your priest can come by and give him the Annointing of the Sick. Even if it doesn’t help his physical recovery, it will help him to deal with the stress of being afflicted with this serious condition at Thanksgiving time. It will give him more peace. Please consider it! It’s not just for the dying anymore. I’m praying for him and your family.

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