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so is her husband also practicing non-violence these days?

I mean if her husband has converted his thinking and does not promote terrorism now and she is incorporating “no to violence” in her classroom, that has to be a good thing because we hear about the opposite so often-violent propaganda taught to Palestinian children from a young age.

I admit I didn’t read the article closely as it is very late so maybe I missed something.


OR … maybe they both really believe in violence … but work to deceive the infidels.

deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.


If you are Catholic … Christian, then you are the target of conquest.

Why we are afraid … a 1400 year secret.

Originally, Egypt and all of North Africa was Christian. [Saint Augustine … Catholic who lived around 350-400 … lived in Tunisia … but by AD700 … it was all Muslim.]

Spain fought for 800 years … and expelled the Muslims in 1492. Important date. The reason why Christopher Columbus sailed WEST was to find a way to China and that avoided the Muslim controlled land route in the Middle East.

Look up the Battle of Tours … goes by different names.

and the Battle of Lepanto.

and the Battle of Vienna.


Spain was successfully invaded by Muslims in AD711 … at a place named Tarif … and the Spanish fought for 800 years. The Spanish were successful in 1492.

And now it’s our turn to defend ourselves.


[The battle of Tours … took place right outside of Paris, France.]

The Battle of Tours (often called the Battle of Poitiers, but not to be confused with the Battle of Poitiers, 1356) was fought on October 10, 732 between forces under the Frankish leader Charles Martel and a massive invading Islamic army led by Emir Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi Abd al Rahman, near the city of Tours, France.

So, the invading Muslim army went from Tarif, Spain [AD711] to Paris, France [AD 732] in only 21 years.


During the so-called “Cold War”, the biggest problem was not the Communists … the biggest problem were the “anti-anti-communists”.

Yes, they were pro-democracy and anti-communist … but “not so much”.


They wanted “the problem” to go away by itself.


And we have the same problem today with “militant Islamic terrorism.”

… against it … but not so much.



People who don’t want to even put a name on the enemy …

… and even denying that there IS an enemy.


By posting links to sites that host articles indicating that Catholics are to be viewed as just as bad and just a likely to torture and kill in a fanatical manner. I would suggest you inspect the quality of the sword you are using to defend yourself before wielding it.


yes I am familiar with taqiyya. hoping the one million she won will go to good use.


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