Husband on Strike


**If only all wives would have this “problem”.

I have not visited this husband’s website.**


It seems silly to me. As a person who started children immediately after marrying my hubby(no option to wait three years) and who had no funds at the time to go on dates, I can honestly say that these people are very blessed that they have such simple problems. There is something unattractive about exposing your personal problems, no matter how small, to your neighbors.


I thought it was a rather humorous “poke” at the problems or issues new parents face. I got a good chuckle out of it.



It’s a VERY silly way of dealing with personal problems, but I sympathise with the bloke. You can be a perfectly good parent and still have kid-free times. My kids ALWAYS went to bed by 7:00 or 7:30pm. And everyday had at least an hour of mum-and-dad time with no kids around and the TV off. You were lovers before you were parents, and that shouldn’t be allowed to change. And my kids NEVER slept in our bed, yet somehow they managed to sleep soundly.


bit silly, but he does bring up some serious points…


They both seem a bit unreasonable if you ask me.


As a busy SAHM of 2 beautiful girls, both toddlers, I can see both sides of the argument. I do however think that it’s easy to stop being lovers and just be ‘mom and dad’ 24/7, and I can totally see why he has a problem with that. My girls are both in their own beds by 7pm, and although we can’t afford to ‘go out’, we do try to make meal-times and evenings special-it helps us to be better parents too, I’m sure.

Anna x


My goodness he sounds like a big whiney baby if you ask me. Her youngest is ONLY 3 months old… her hormones have barely gotten back on track & he’s complaining that “he” isn’t getting enough of her time? When she’s working full time & caring for the children? Granted, he’s no doubt pulling his fair share - but still… he’s asking for a child free bedroom? With a toddler and an infant - that’s impossible. She should train them to sleep in their own beds - that’s obviously important to him - but he has to understand that at this point in their young little lives - the kids will ALWAYS come first.

He should be happy that he’s been blessed with a loving wife who mothers his children and 2 healthy kids and that he’s fortunate enough to HAVE a roof over their heads to climb up on like a big whiney baby. Let him stay up there.


This hit real close to home . . . since DS was born 18 months ago, DH and I have had most of these arguements. And I’ve probably ignored him about them as much as this woman. Now, I’ve gotten better, but for a while I wasn’t all that interested in what he wanted to do in regards to parenting. To be perfectly honest, we brought home this tiny baby, who he was afraid to hold, didn’t want to change diapers for, and wouldn’t get up to bring him to me to eat at night. So, I got into a mode of doing it all myself, so I did it the way I was most comfortable. Obviously, as our son has grown, I’ve had to re-examine this approach . . . discipline is now important, and we have to be on the same page. But I really feel for the woman of this relationship. At 3 months postpartum, she has (or chooses to?) to go back to work, leaving her baby AND toddler, and her husband is giving her grief about wanting to spend time with the kids in the evening/night? When is she supposed to see them? I guess I haven’t gotten far enough to feel his pain yet.


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