Husband was laid off today


Ok so when it rains it pours. I haven’t been able to work because of my health problems so we’ve been barely scraping by month to month and today my husband got laid off. Part of me wants to try to go back to work again because I feel guilty sitting at home when I have a job available to me but today just vacuuming aamd mopping the floor I’ve been in major pain the rest of the day.

I’m overwhelmed right now and scared. I know if it got really bad my parents wouldn’t let us starve but I still owe my dad $700 we borrowed for household repairs. We could really use some prayers .


I will be praying for you and your family.

God Bless,


Just said a prayer for you. God Bless.






I’m so sorry to hear about this set back. We’ve gone through a very similar situation here, too, so I can really sympathize. You have my prayers.


Oh, Rayne, I am so sorry. I will pray, but you MUST promise to be relaxed as you possibly can. Getting stressed out will not help you. Take comfort in the fact that we all love you and are praying for you and your family.


I just said a prayer for you. I’ll keep you in my thoughts this week and say some prayers for you during a holy hour on Thursday.


Still praying…:gopray2: :gopray:


I am so sorry to hear of this complication. I have seen some of your posts about your medical problems and feel for you and your dilemma. You will be in my prayers. Continue to take comfort in the Lord. He will provide. God bless you and may He give you strength.


I am sorry for you and your family and I will pray that your husband finds a new job soon. This is very difficult on the family, do your best to help him adjust. They say the hardest thing on a man is to lose his job.


You’re in my prayers :slight_smile:


I understand in an indirect way how you feel. I was fired at my full time job, for not being a brownnoser, so I only have my part time pizza delivery job. my Wife is on social security disabilty so she cant work. Ill rmember you in my prayers.


This is a true story. A single mother was laid off and got home to her three small children and announced that they were going to have a party. She explained to them that she was laid off and the Lord had a better job for her in the future. So they had a party to celebrate and you know-the better job did present itself.

God will ALWAYS pull good from every bad situation. I know that it may be difficult to see this now, but just open yourself to the Will of God and have a celebration party.

I am praying for you and your beautiful family.


I was also laid off from my work at the end of the telecom bubble burst. But the way I looked at it was that if God closes a door he opens a window. You just must trust God that whatever happened, happened for a reason. That’s how I did and survived and was able to secure a position that I could only dream of.
When it comes to a job search, I would recommend for your husband to look around for job clubs in your area. It is a great suport for someone who is searching for a new position, but you also make various contacts with people who may later refer you to someone so you may inquire about openings.
Another thing besides an updated resume, placing your resume on job boards (Monster, Career Builder, etc) is to prepare a ‘hand bill’ where you can list your skills, list companies that you desire to work for, geographic area that best suits you. You then use this to talk to friends and family about contact withing companies you listed or related companies in the field. You never know who may know who in those places.

Last but not least, you and your family are in my prayers.
St. Joseph, pray for us.


Rayne, you yourself have medical problems and can not complicate them right now, your husband might be able to get unemployment benefits (my sweet daughter had to deal with this 3 months after her 2nd child was born, she now has 3) everything worked out for her, put your trust in God, he will help you too. He never gives us more then we can handle, that’s what I told Judiana, my daughter, she now knows that. I will pray for you and I will call Judiana and I am sure she too, will pray for you for she has been there and understands. God Bless You, Kay



I am so sorry that you’re experiencing such hard times. My husband lost his job the day after I quit mine (this was several years ago). We had 2 children–6 months and 2 years old. It was such a struggle, but I kept turning it over to the Lord. He ALWAYS provided. Every time I thought we had just about come to the end of our rope, a little miracle would come our way to help us out. Keep the faith and know that God will not forget you. You’re in my prayers.


I want to thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. My husband will be applying for unemployment in the morning, and I will be making a trip the Dept of Human Services to apply for food stamps. As low as I feel about doing that, without me working we need every bit of help we can get.

I also am going to call first thing in the morning to set up an appointment for Disability. Then make phone calls to doctors and hospitals to get medical records.
My husband was laid off 2 years ago and we did ok but I also was able to work nearly full time hours. WIthout that extra income I feel like we have no safety net. I know God will provide. But it’s hard not to feel scared. We were supposed to go to Mayo clinic this spring. I may have once again rely on the generousity of my parents in order to afford the trip.

I know this sounds awful but it’s hard not to be hurt (and sometimes even angry) at my inlaws. My dad has done more to help my husband then his own father. He’s more supportive and understanding. My parents have helped more times then I can keep track of through our marriage. My inlaws are sitting on $10,000 from my husband’s grandparents will that they will only allow us to use for a down payment on a house. I’m praying that they change their minds and let us use some to pay our insurance cobra payments which will suck up more about half of my husbands unemployment checks per month. I can not be with out medical insurance.

It feels good to have my online “family” to support and pray for me and my family during this rough time. Thank you all so much! God Bless you and your families.


Oh, Rayne. I am so sorry to hear this. You will be in my prayers, hon. :gopray2: Try to take care of yourself, the best you can.


Rayne, I will pray that your husband gets work and that you get better. Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. God will provide, but please do pray for guidance. It sounds like you are exploring all avenues for services. One of our local Catholic churches runs a monthly meeting for people out of work to keep up their networking and their spirits. I think it would be good to find some spiritual guidance in this problem too. The inlaws are praciticing tough love that they feel will help you in the long run. You many not agree, but they have their reasons. I just hope that you get to finally use the money they are holding for you at some point. It would be a great goal. My own parents always helped me more than the inlaws did, and I just feel that daughters feel closer to their own parents. Try not to feel anger at them. It is easier said than done. Pray, pray, and put this in God’s lap. He will help you I am sure.

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