Husband/wife date ideas?


I’m interested in coming up with some new date ideas for my wife and me. We seem to always do the same thing – dinner and a movie. What I’d like to come up with is something where we would actually be interacting with each other instead of just sitting back and being entertained. We want to avoid the singles-oriented places, and we’d prefer to keep the cost down.

Any creative ideas out there? I thought this could be a fun and useful thread for all married people in this forum.


How about a nice old fashioned picnic? Surprise your spouse with the foods they enjoy.

How about a walk in a park? I love a nice peaceful stroll on a beautiful day.

How about going someplace where you can watch the sunset…well maybe later in the spring when it sets later.

Does your wife like to shop? How about offering to go with her to her favorite store? If you don’t typically go shopping with her, this may just thrill her.

In our area, we have tons of coffee shops with live music. Find a nice cafe with a featured (solo or duets) act and just enjoy the music.


How about rollerskating? It’s fun, it’s exercise and you get to hold hands!


My absolute favorite dates are when we pack a picnic lunch and leave the children with a friend while we head to a state park for a hike and lunch. It lets us get some fresh air and exercise, away from the rest of the world, enjoying nature and just being together without any major worries or responsibilities for a few hours. It gives us lots of time to think and talk and dream.

Sometimes we take a canoe or rent one from the local livery and take a small canoe trip for a few hours.

It’s just the two of us with God enjoying His good Earth.

I realize not everyone is a “nature” lover, so for some it would be more annoying to be in mud, with critters and the elements, but for us it is the ultimate! We spent the 5 years of our dating in “the woods” hiking, boating, mountain biking or snow skiing. So getting back to nature for us is also reminds us of the beginning of our relationship

There are sunrises, sunsets, much to see, it never gets boring. It is a feast for the eyes and ears and you can’t beat filling your lungs with fresh air! You may see the occasional hiker or animal but other than that, you have alot of alone time, without crowds and demands.


I’d suggest going to the local bookstore and searching the “local/regional interest” shelves. You are likely to find books on things to do within one day of driving.

I know in Houston there’s a book called “Day Trips” and it has all sorts on interesting things: a local micro-brewery tour, a tour of old churches, a local creamery that gives tours & free ice cream, a local historic battle site, an old plantation, the beach… lots of ideas in that book!

Museums, historic sites, zoos, churches, local nature preserves, and other things of local interest provide a wealth of ideas for “dates”. So many people never see the local sites… make it a weekly date to get to know your area. Many museums have a “free” or “reduced” day.

If you’re in SoCal the possibilities are really limitless considering all the things to do in the San Diego, LA, and coastal areas. How about a drive up the coast towards Santa Barbara going to all the mission churches, and stopping at local vineyards-- wine tasting is free. San Juan Capistrano, other missions, nature drives, the San Diego Zoo, Disney and Knotts (they likely have a reduced price day or some discount tickets available to locals), etc etc etc…

You could also take up a hobby together-- be it cooking, recreational tennis, joining a league, etc.


Well…there this new series that has gotten couples back together…something about "ballroom dancing… :wink:

Miniature golfing
Wine tasting
Hiking and/or camping at a state park
Horseback riding

There’s tons of stuff I do when dating instead of movies and dinner…which is fun as well but can be stale if always done.


We are on a limited budget and cannot always afford dinner, movie, and babysitter. So, we invested in a dart board and a set of darts for each of us. Sometimes we will put the kids to bed, and play darts, just him and I. We turn on the radio, and it’s actually fun and good natured competiveness. We usually, have music, snacks and a couple of drinks. It is very relaxing and a LOT of fun, (and after the initial investment … free!):smiley:

Sometimes we will invite another couple, but more often than not … it’s just us, and we like it that way.


Museums… art gallery (our town has a gallery walk once a month, it is free and the galleries give away glasses of wine!)

Dinner with friends is a great idea - pick a house and fix dinner together, have a theme - with music and dancing…

Flea markets are fun - we go Rosary hunting… or used bookstores…

How about taking a class together, something at the community college - or joining the local Little Theatre?


[quote=1ke] How about a drive up the coast towards Santa Barbara going to all the mission churches, and stopping at local vineyards-- wine tasting is free.

I second this, except that I recently spent a day wine tasting with DH and other family in the Solvang/ Los Olivos area (in Santa Barbara county), and all of the wineries charged for the tasting. It was only about $5 per stop though, so if you spent a day wandering around Solvang, you could hit a few wineries and just enjoy the town, and it wouldn’t be too expensive. We had a lot of fun!

Otherwise…ice skating, salsa dancing, a few ballroom dancing lessons, a how-to class at a local home improvement or cookware store, a trip to a local big bookstore to grab a coffee and browse the shelves (one of mine and DH’s personal favorites.


Are there any decent comedy clubs in your area? A murder mystery can be fun as well.


I’ve thought of taking some fun, non credit classes at a local community college - wine tasting was my first choice. —KCT


A drive, just a meandering drive for a half hour to forty five minutes, with no particular place to go…


our favorite date night when we were newlyweds and dirt poor, no car was taking the rapid someplace, getting off and wandering around that part of town. favorites were walking around Cleveland on the lakefront, lots of changes but still good walking. we found booklet on architectural walking tour of downtown. we would also take the rapid and walk around the West Side Market. if your town still has an open air street market that makes a great Saturday morning. you can pick up rolls, deli meat and cheese etc for a grab n go snack.

we would also start from downtown and take an unfamiliar bus route, follow it to the end, find a place to eat and come back again. one bus does a tour around the near west side and flats, views of the river, bridges, historic churches & buildings, and we sometimes got a knowledgeable bus driver who gave an actual tour commentary.

the zoo


drive down an unfamiliar road, stop anyplace that looks interesting. you get some great suprises this way: small town historical sites, pretty parks, rivers, lakes etc., interesting little shops or cafes, outdoor art and sculpture, a little league game or tournement, carnivals or other small-town celebrations and events, church festivals

college or high school sports other than football

flea markets

craft shows

the old walk along the beach

we look for boat trips, the “2 hr cruise” kind of any kind when we are travelling on whatever lake, river etc. is around. we have never yet ended up on a Gilligns Island

railroad excursions

state, county or national parks and rec areas with hiking or canoeing or easy nature trails


driving range or mini golf, or those rec areas with mini golf, go-carts, and other games.

historical sites such as living history villages or farms

cross country skiing

wine-tasting and tours at local wineries

art gallery openings

HS or college student art exhibits

our personal favorites are small-town historical or other specialty museums. we always look for the store-front cafe on main street, rather than the fast food strip on the highway.

old-fashioned hardware stores, great to browse, you find some unique unexpected stuff, one had an antique toy collection, another had a superb depression glass collection, another had works by a local artist who has since become famous as an illustrator.


Going to the zoo or a conservatory. Bring camera and take pictures of beautiful flowers or fuzzy bear cubs.

Play scrabble and order a pizza. It’s a great game to sharpen your vocabulary.

Go browsing in an antique shop.

Go to a concert.


How about :


mini golf

walk on boardwalk/beach

workout together at gym–mebbe take a class at gym together

amusement park

hike through mountains/trail


For those especially in the western states, although there are more finally coming back east, go to your local coffee shop, order a coffee and just talk.

It’s inexpensive compared to a movie and dinner.

And try this there, or anywhere including at home; Look into each others eyes, holding hands and tell each other five different things you love about each other.

God Bless,


Thanks for all the great ideas!

(Feel free to add more.)


Ever consider getting rid of the kids for the night and treat her to a bubblebath, candlelight, and soft music? That is one of my favorites when I can get the kids out of the house for the night. I am probably one of the cheapest people going. Here are some other things I have done in the past:

  1. Wander around the lake, river, favorite woodsy area and admire God’s handiwork.
  2. Mass and then ice cream.
  3. Local school sporting events.
  4. Window shopping
  5. Attend a seminar at local parish
  6. Go to a local hot spot to people watch…have fun making up stories about the people you see.
  7. Go visit an elderly person from your parish and work on a project for that person like gardening or lawn care…more fun than it sounds!
  8. Bubble bath together, wash her hair for her


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