Husband/wife rob kids at bus stops: How low can America sink?

I dunno what to say??? This is only part of the story, there is also video at the link provided here >
[INDENT]**Police Seek Husband-Wife Team In Bus Stop Robberies
Indianapolis Police: Couple, Other Men Hit Four Bus Stops

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis police said a husband and wife team may be responsible for robbing dozens of students at gunpoint at four bus stops on Indianapolis’ east side Thursday morning.
. . .
“In that first robbery,** the victim reported that lunch money had been stolen**,” said Indianapolis police Sgt. Matt Mount.

A few minutes later, police responded to 42nd and Ridgeview Drive, where students reported another robbery. “At that location, there were five kids that were robbed,” Mount said.

Police said two armed people took more than lunch money, cell phones and mp3 players in a stop in the 3900 block of North Bolton Avenue. They said one boy was pistol-whipped.

“They went into his pockets. They actually hit him in the head with a gun and they took off,” the boy’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous, told Rinehart.
Eric and Tamara Edwards

Police said they believe that Eric Edwards, 23, and his wife Tamara Edwards, 29, may have been involved in the robberies.[/INDENT]

I ask the Lord to help those young people recover. Such an experience could be very traumatic

That couple must be extremely desperate.

Yeh,desperate for crack!

I think we will be hearing more of these outrageous acts because of our financial crisis. More robberies, more assaults, more crime against others especially the elderly and weak. More reasons to pray.

I wonder what the excuse for robbery was during prosperous times.

Melensdad, you and I are usually on the same side of law-and-order debates, but how are the actions of two criminals an indication of how low the country has gone? Notice that all they did was steal money. They did not murder, abort a living fetus, commit depraved sexual acts, etc.


There do seem to be some strange stories that seem to be taking us to a new low level. How about in London, the 24 year old single mother of three who allows her three year old to smoke.

And the 34 year old US mother who tried out as a cheerleader taking her daughter’s identity - how embarrassing.

I think because they are mothers/fathers we just expect more although last year we had at least three stories on dads who molesting their own daughters and fathered children.

From school children. That’s pretty low, don’t you think? Right down there with stealing a beggar’s begging cup, or taking candy from a baby.

Yep I was just going to post that, that was my first thought!

This sounds that they were looking for money for crack, it had not a thing to do with the economy. Those desperate to get crack money have no interest in the nations economy,

No where in the article does it say these people were on crack. In fact it says they may be also responsible for the armed robbery of four payday loan places too. I have been talking to my friends who are police officers and they say robbery is on the rise because of so many people are out of work and they are just getting desperate too.

Perhaps, it was rash judgement to think that the robbers were on crack. Perhaps they are just evil, evil people.

BTW, if they were responsible for robbing four payday loan places, why would they in the same week be so desperate to pistol whip a young boy?

This has been covered extensively in the media here, and the area is a very, very high crime area. A lot of it related to drugs.

Yes, yes it was.

So better to think they are just evil thugs that go around beating little kids?

At least, if they were on drugs, there might be a mitigating circumstance for their desperation.

Well what made you think it was for crack?

The history of the murders, drug busts, etc. in that particular area of the city.

Grampben, Do you not have particular areas that seem to have a higher incidence of crime than others? Are not most of those crimes somehow related to drugs? This is a sincere question.

Certainly, only it tends to be cannabis and heroin mostly, not crack. Since the troubles all the paramilitary groups are into drug money. Over the whole island drug gangs are becoming more and more powerful.
There are some areas where it is more likely that there are drugs, but every town has a dodgy area here :frowning:

That is so false, do you live in that kind of area? do you work with drug addicts? I worked with them for years.
First I do not believe that those ones who pistol wipped that boy and stole money from kids robbed the four payday loans places.

Crack is the most used drug in the kind of areas this happened, and crack addicts are so desperate to get money for crack that robbing kids is right up their alley!

Untill I hear it was not crack I will believe that was the problem!

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