Husband's actions are almost unbearable - please pray!


This isn’t the first time I’ve begged for company with my prayers for my marriage…but it is the first in a long time. We’ve been married 40 years, he’s alcoholic and living with an old girlfriend from over 40 years ago - for about 4 years but has been gone for six. It has been a period of such complete hell, that sometimes I still feel as though not quite awake.

All the remedies, even intense prayer, have failed to take the heartache of his betrayal off my soul. At first he didn’t see my grown sons and grandchildren - now he does on rare occasions, but it’s even harder.

Mainly my prayers are needed right now because have to have a relatively simple surgery - one-day, but it requires full anesthesia and is a city away. I asked my husband if he would tqke me. He considered it for a week or two and then told me Iwas exaggerating my needs, making a big deal of it etc. I’m not a kid and there are risks involved. I live alone and hate the loneliness of it - so this coming at the end of a very sick period, just has hurt once again.

I pray for his soul- try to do it in an unselfish way - have masses said, have been sweet to him this whole, but he seems unable to give on anything, Thank God for the Rejoice Ministries - they believe afte my own heart. "God does heal hurting marriages - no questions asked. Those who “move on” so well in these situations, unfortunately, often find someone new. Whoopee!! Another case of Adultery to offect God with. I back on my vows. I am praying for two, mean and devil-deceived as he is.

Please join me in prayers and give a word of encouragement or a “He’s breaking God’s law” - I don’t get much of that in my church
at home. You have to work so hard not to get bitter but to keep the truth in the church’s teachings at this point. I wish there was more Catholic-based either paid counseling or juat a good God-fearing priest to talk to. I’m in the marriage forever. And my prayer is that my husband will reclaim his soul,

How do people set out to demolish another person’s heart, security, family units and tranquility. I haven’t had a good moment free of the feeling of rejection and betrayal in so long.
Prayer is good, good health is good (I don’t have it at the moment) - but you need to be strong to fight the onslaughts on indignities, money woies - all of it.

Anyway, hope someone reads and answers. God bless.


I am reading and will be praying for you tonight.


Wow… I dont really know what to say. You sound like such a strong amazing woman to have retained your fortitude in your beliefs though all of this. I will definately be praying for your husband, but you will be in my prayers as well…

God bless and Mary Protect!



I am sorry to hear about your marriage. It is sad that he moved on, but you have to keep strong. No matter what struggles you have, you have to pick yourself up and keep moving. I admire your strength on living alone and having all this change come into your life. God hear’s your prayer, you will soon fine out what he has in store for you. I will pray for you and also to heal your heart.

God Bless,




Romick, I’m praying for you. :signofcross:


you will be included in my morning prayers




I am praying for you, and all hurting marriages. I am separated from my husband and understand your pain. Like you said, at times the pain of betrayal is unbearable. But, we are called to be like Christ and offer up our sufferings with His for the life of another. You are being a good and faithful servant to God, and for that your reward will be great in Heaven. I am familiar with Rejoice Ministries too–they have been very helpful to me. But, I wish there were Catholic marriage ministries supporting Catholics standing for the restoration of their marriages through the Sacraments, Rosary, etc. Maybe we need to start one :slight_smile:

I know this is easier said than done, but rejoice in your sufferings, for when you unite them and yourself with Christ for your husband, you are united with your husband in a way that only you as his wife can be. Only you, his wife (his one flesh) can do that for him. I hope you find comfort in that.

I am praying for you dear sweet sister. Let God be your spouse during this season.



You need the protection of our Blessed Mother!

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.


my prayers for you :gopray2:


I will add my prayers




I can’t believe I’m reading this.

I’ll remember you and your husband in my Communion.


I didn’t quite follow if he’s now with another woman of if he was at one point in time. Either way, what he has done, and if he’s still with her what he is doing, is wrong. The marriage bed is reserved for the one woman he vowed to love, honor, and cherish for the rest of his day, and that woman is you.

I’ve been going through my own marriage difficulties and also haven’t shared my struggles with others. I grew so desperate for some sense of community, of support, of advice, and of love that I came here last week. The prayers of the people here continue to sustain me, for which I am so grateful.

In turn, I am honored to pray for you and your husband. May the Lord grant you all peace.



I am sorry for what you are going through. I admire your strength and faith. I will be praying for you and your DH. God hears prayers, and will help you to be strong. God handles things in His way and His time.

Blessings to you


You have my prayers!! :byzsoc::byzsoc:


I will pray for you and your husband.


God bless each of you who answered!!! Something told me to come here tonight - God, of course - and I found such peace, hope and shared faith in your responses and promises of prayers. It feels so great to actually hear from others the Catholic sentiments that are so missing in my real life about the injustice of adultery and betrayal.

So many long-term marriages are being attacked by Satan and his minions. We know that Jesus will always win the battle between good and evil, but I know I didn’t expect to be attacked this way. Who does after so many years (or any years) of marriage. In the last two days, I have heard stories from two other women in doctor’s offices (working there) who have had their husbands leave for another woman.

To hear that many of you will join in prayers for my, your own and all hurting marriages is inspiring. We need to spread the word that Christ wants to help us and that His Blessed Mother and the Rosary are great weapons in this fight - as are the Eucharist, Divine Mercy Chaplet and just plain old evangelizing. People tend to commit evil at times because it’s so easy - no one calls them on it. Marriage is sacred! Let’s remind the world - one good person at a time. It’s painful sometimes to speak about our beliefs, but Christ told us to expect some pain.

Thanks again,


(My husband is still gone, living in the next town with the “one who needs prayers”. That’s way nicer than what I usually call her.)

I will pray for all of you - and for me.


Hi Leigh,
Wanted to quote this fronddddddd
"II know this is easier said than done, but rejoice in your sufferings, for when you unite them and yourself with Christ for your husband, you are united with your husband in a way that only you as his wife can be. Only you, his wife (his one flesh) can do that for him. I hope you find comfort in that. especially wanted to quote this from you:"’’

**Thanks for the reminder about offering up our grief, I do that quite a lot, **

**Sometimes I’m better at it than other **


St. Monica, please hear our prayers and counsel our dear friend in this stressful time. Blessed Mary, embrace tightly the child we pray for now. St. Anthony, help the husband find his way, for it has truly been lost. St. Jude, offer your gentle influence.

Saints in Heaven, thanks for tireless and unceasing prayers.

Romick, you have a soft place here…with us.

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