Husband's username--will you help us choose one?


Please help us to choose a username for my hubby…I think he will join tonight or tomorrow…or soon. We shall see. We came up with these names…please let us know what you think.:slight_smile: Thanks!

Oh brother…I meant to enter the names into a poll:rolleyes:

Alright…here are the names, so please let me know:


My dh’s fave is O’ReillyFan and MrConservative. I like WG’s husband, so everyone would know who he is, but he said he will introduce himself if there is a place here to do that.




hey-he might like that:blush: I like that name, actually. Are you being serious, or joking?:stuck_out_tongue: Seriously–I love that name.


O’Reilly fan.

Actually I liked Mr Whatever best but it sounds like he’s already narrowed it down to two and of those two O’Reilly’s my pick.:thumbsup:


He is over the top with O’Reilly…oops, I better watch what I say now…he will be able to read it.:blush: :wink: :smiley: Thank you!


I do like WhatElseGuy:)

As for knowing who he is, just put “I am Whatevergirl’s hubby” in his signature





I was thinking of a “honey do list”, partially joking. Tim


I like Mr. Catholic

Or how about Mr. Im always right


:smiley: we shall see…that might come off a little on the uppity side though, wouldn’t you say? lol :blush: kinda puts people on the defensive…IMMEDIATELY…LOL :rotfl:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


whatevershesays :smiley:

Just kidding but I like whateverguy


Mr. whatevergirl???
whateverguy is good.


I like it!:thumbsup: But, he might not…he thought ‘whatevergirl’ is kind of silly. ha Oh well…I have a feeling O’ReillyFan will be what he chooses, but he may surprise me completely.


Didn’t O’Reilly get in trouble for some lewd coments.


“whatevergirl” is pretty silly and cute, but that’s why you have so many freinds on the Forum.:wink:

“MrWhatever” and “WG’s_husband”:hmmm: Na, those are Girly-Man names.:stuck_out_tongue:

O’ReillyFan or Mr. Catholic sounds more appropriate.:thumbsup:


Girly man…hahaha That’s funny!:smiley:

My dd said that a good name would be:
PenguinsFan or SteelersFan…or

ILovefood…my dh did NOT like that one. She’s funny, though. hee hee:rotfl:


I like WG’s husband too, but whateverguy (or whateverman ?) come a close second.

MrConservative is just :shrug: :smiley:


“Yes, Dear”


I second that one!:thumbsup:

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