Husbands! - What are you getting your wife for Christmas?


I hate trying to figure that out! I was thinking a new iron but if she doesn’t like that - it could hurt. A new vacuum is an option and it doesn’t throw well. The iron skillet she got a few years ago still bears the dent from my skull so that’s out. I’m horrible at picking out clothes. She likes jewelry but doesn’t wear it because she’s afraid to lose it. Shoes are an option, maybe, but thats just a step above getting socks for Christmas. HMMMM!
Does anyone have some good wifely Christmas ideas to share?


Well it’s hard to say since I don’t know your wife. Does she have any hobbies? Does she like spa treatments? Is she a person who loves to bake or cook?

I just got a new iron which was supposed to be my Christmas present but conveniently we needed one before our old one was delivered in our move. Unless she’s asked for it, it probably isn’t a good gift idea.


I was just playing around with the other things :wink: She doesn’t cook (I do). She sells Mary Kay, she does like camping but we’re pretty set with camping stuff. I did buy her a spa package a few years ago, I was thinking of doing that again but I don’t like being repetitive. I got the idea of a “Mother’s Ring” here at CAF from other folks. She’s pretty easy to please, I just like finding non-normal gifts for her. Hopefully, there are others here who are creative gift purchasers. :thumbsup:


Apparently I have already but my wife her present, but she says that I have to wait until Christmas to see it.


go to I love that site


Does she have an office for her Mary Kay sales? I work from home and it would be nice to get something surprising for my office from DH for Christmas. I like the mother’s ring idea quite a bit too.


I’m giving my wife me under the tree with a bow on my head :smiley:


I know you are asking the men, however, my suggestion is some NAILS. Yeah, to get her nails done and a pedicure. I am sure she would enjoy that. :smiley:


Except some women (my wife) won’t go near ones of those places due to the “germs”.


Second time I’ve given this answer today… but, why not send her on a Retreat?


My wife and I used to play this game where I’d go buy her something, but then she always took it back.

Then I started leaving all the tags on the stuff and taping the receipt to the box. This worked fine, but she complained that all the good stuff had been picked over by the time she got to go shopping.

Now she just buys her own stuff and wraps it. I buy her a few stocking stuffers, but that’s it.


Prayers. :smiley: (It’s difficult to send gifts if you don’t know who it will be. :D)


I am not a husband, sadly. However, in my past relationships I have found the best presents are those which carry some emotional meaning in them. This would have to be specific to your relationship. Something which shows that you treasure the experiences you have shared.

Anyone can buy a gift. The beauty is in the meaning you express with it.


OK, I’m not a man, but this year I asked my husband for a foot-massage/whirlpool bath thing. He was going through the Brookstone catalog & found a very nice one. He got me a certificate for a foot massage at a spa once and I just couldn’t do it (germs ick me out too) so if I had my own . . .


What am I getting my wife for Christmas???
My wife doesn’t wear make-up. She has jewelry (very nice pieces, too) but she doesn’t like jewelry. Flowers are a no go; I have a brown thumb. I can’t buy perfume as her chest siezes up from allergic reaction. She is embarrassed to wear slinky nightgowns or lingerie. I’m left with a very narrow field of possibilities.
Thank God I’m currently unemployed. Having no money is a great excuse for why I didn’t buy anything. I’ll probably fix breakfast in bed for her as I usually do on Sundays. She likes bacon sandwiches on toast.
She will always have my respect, admiration, and love.



She’s spoiled and does that about once a month already :eek:

I wonder is she needs any power tools :wink: Maybe a new jig-saw :smiley:

Seriously, she’s tough to buy for. Not that she’s hard to please, it’s just that there are not many things that she needs.

I like all of the ideas though! Thanks Folks!!! If you can think of some more, that would be awesome!!!


I’m reminded of an old 78 RPM recording my folks had of a comedian (Ole Oleson?) who had a song about Christmas and buying for the wife. It was called “I just go nuts at Christmas.” Imagine this with a Scandinavian accent.

“I looked at nightgowns for my wife,
Those black ones trimmed in red.
But I don’t know her size and so
She gets a carpet sweeper instead.”



I am pretty sure it was Stan Boreson. And he’s quite humorous. Especially his Christmas stuff.


**Well, then think of something she WANTS:D. Does she want more time with you? Take a trip. Does she want more time alone? Send her on a trip, lol. Like to get all dressed up but nowhere to go? Make reservations at a romantic classy restaurant. Know what I mean?

Personally I would love a wedding band. (Hope you’re reading this honey;)). I don’t wear my wedding ring set anymore because I’ve accidentally scratched our baby a few times and it gets caught when I’m changing her diapers, lol.



I propose you ask her sister or her girlfriend for suggestions on what your wife might like.

My son-in-law always asks my other daughters what to get his wife (my dtr.) for Christmas. The girls know their sister well and have great ideas.

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