Husbands, what attracted you about/made you choose your wives?


Husbands/fiances of CAF, what made you choose your wives/fiancees? What made her stand out from all the rest? How did Faith factor into your discernment?

Newly engaged/wedded couples, long timers, and everyone in between welcome :thumbsup:


Which wife ? I live in the USA where divorce rate is 66%...USA is a christian country..
Now, Japan a Buddhist country has a 2% divorce rate....go figure.
My 1st wife was love at 1st site,,,but at the time I got married I was
immature. If you asked the Church I am still married to that woman although
I have not seen her in 35 years.
Now my present wife whom I am married to for 32 years..Church refuses
to recognize my marriage and probably my kids as well. ( I had no kids in 1st marriage).
Of course not recognizing my marriage means the church does not deal
with reality very well. I married her cause I loved her...yes you can love more than
1 person in a lifetime...hard for a Catholic to believe.
My kids went to Catholic School....which I paid for,,,church never asked the
Kids if parents were divorced...go figure....I often wondered if the Kids of
divorced parents are non existent to catholics.
You know Priest have kids and thats ok as long as the Priest does not get married
to the mother. Minute priest marrys the mother he is chased out of the priesthood.
So much for love of familys.


For me it was my wife’s piety and openness to life. Faith was the main factor in choosing my wife, and it was the same for her.

Keep in mind the three purposes of marriage and choose your spouse AND the time to marry accordingly.

  1. primary purpose of marriage is the generation and nurturing of offspring;
  2. the second purpose is the mutual help of spouses,
  3. the third is the remedy for concupiscence.


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