Hy the lack of apparitions in Islam? (Edited Title)

Why do some muslims,hindus,atheist,…see Christ or are visited by the Holy Spirit and then they convert? Why are there no simmiliar stories of former non-muslims converting to Islam?

This happens outside of Christianity all the time. An instance that comes to mind… I know personally one person who converted to a non-Christian religion on their death bed, and the final words that they spoke was hailing the Founder of this non-Christian religion.

If this happens all the time outside Christianity tell me some examples.

Well I just did… :slight_smile:

With no story to see if its a reliable story and no evidence that it really happened.

But I said its someone I personally know, and they were a Jewish family whom I love dearly, and who would have no vested interest in telling me that the said person had said what he did. :slight_smile:

They saw the light of the world, where no lie, hate or persecution are able to darken.

Can you be more specific, dear servant19 and tell us which non-Christian religion are you referring?

Sure, his last word was Baha’u’llah. :slight_smile:

I chose not to say the specifics because the OP specifically talked about Muslims, Hindus etc

Can you Only Give ONE example when hundreds of Moslems have seen the Lord Jesus.

Plus why is that when Moslems have problems with diabolic possesions with a Demon, they call in either a Catholic priest or an Orthodox priest to get rid of the demon, and not your own Mullah ? Why is it they cannot get rid of the demons while the demon leaves the person in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus. ?

Just curious: where do you get this claim from?

If the stories written about in all holy scriptures and the stories/beliefs that come from all “traditions” of old were held up to the standard of solid, reliable evidence that they really happened…look out. You’d have your hands full.


Yes, it’s a rather odd claim and demons in the sense we believe them in Christianity are a rather different thing in Islam as Jinns in Islam are not fallen angels as Muslims like Jews do not believe angels have free will. This they could not fall. Jinns also come in good and evil varieties and are much like people in that respect. Iblis who is roughly the Islamic equivalent of Satan is not a fallen angel but a powerful Jinn.

One of the more common remedies for possession or fear of evil Jinns is Islam is to repeat the first line of the shahada as the evil Jinn apparently detest the name of God. Apart from that there are plenty of other customary ways of dealing with possession and I’d like to see these claims about Orthodox and Catholic priests been called in by Muslims supported.

Are you suggesting that no one who is now a Muslim has an amazing conversion story? :confused:

We were asked by a mutual friend to minister to a sick girl. When we arrived at their house, it was a Muslim family. Their fourteen year old girl was kind of handicapped due to lack of oxygen during child birth. She was born pre-matured. The father who was a lawyer initially wanted to sue the hospital but thought against it and accepted the fate that befallen upon their daughter.

They however believe that her condition could be reversed and had asked through their Christian friend for a priest to pray over her. As the priest was not available that time, the request was passed to our group and we unknowingly thought that they were Christians. In any case we prayed over her with the full knowledge of the parents that we were Christian lay people. We explained to them that we would use the name of Jesus whom we considered God to ask for healing and divine intervention and they (the parents) understood that.

They expected a priest to come and still did not mind if he could come or even a nun. They seemed to believe that Catholic religious do have the charism for healing.

Yes and my aunt who is a religious sister is occassionally asked in her role as a doctor with the terminally ill to give spiritual comfort to dying Muslim patients. However the specific claim that routinely Catholic and Orthodox priests are called in to deal with demonic possession strikes me as one that needs to be supported. Especially given (as I pointed out) that Muslims understanding of evil spiritual beings we would see as demons is somewhat different than our own as they do not believe any of the angels ever fell or could fall.

I agree with you. Probably our experience was more of an exception rather than the rule for the average Muslim families. And interestingly it was not the only one. Rightly or wrongly, those Muslims who wanted prayers from Christians (in my experience) believed in Jesus and that he heals. Didn’t matter that they were Muslims. Personally I am wary of ministering to them but when you saw their situations and how despite themselves, they asked for our prayer, you just have that compassion for them.

They believe in angel, jinn and satan. And that sickness could be caused by satan (evil one). Probably when people are desperate, they would take chances at whatever that may give the possibility of a healing or deliverance from the evil spirit. And that may not necessary be in accordance to the teaching of their religion

Do a quick web search, you will find thousands of visions of Mohamed or others allegedly leading people to convert to Islam. Of course, you may have to speak Arabic, or Turkish, Hindi or Farsi for many of these stories, but there are plenty in English and western languages too.

It is pure ignorance to take a “cheap shot” at Islam by saying no such conversion anecdotes exist.

I don’t understand your statement. In what way do you, a Catholic, see these alleged visions converting people into error?

Personally, I believe with all my heart that if such visions exist they are not of God. Our God is not a God of confusion.

There are thousands of denominations of Christianity. God seems just fine with confusion.

So there are apparitions in every religion. Why does God allow this? If you say Satan is responsible for the non Christian ones then you would say Satan is more powerful than God because God wants everybody to reach salvation and that is absurd. Why apparitions in all religions?

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