Hybrid Schools


I recently found this school below online. The students go 2-3 days a week, and it is based on the MODG classical homeschool curriculum. Does anyone know of other schools like this? Thanks



I am not familiar with the term “hybrid schools”. Is it because it is part homeschooling, part school? I have not heard of any others - I am in a rural area, though.


*How interesting, thanks for this link. My dd who is 13, actually brought this up to me (just the general concept) of hybrid school, and said one of her friends is doing this, this year…of course, dd wants to do it. I have thought of homeschool, even though I work fulltime, I work 4 days now per week, of my own choosing, and my husband has off during the week…so at least 3 days per week, we could do it full time. A combination of the two would be ideal for couples like us. *


How genius this is when you think about it. The tuition drops if you only send your kids for 3 days per week…and then probably you could do a homeschooling schedule for the balance. That would help people to afford Catholic school more easily…this is cool!


I’d love that for high school for my kids. I don’t want to homeschool them completely and three days a week would be great!

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