Hylomorphic dualism and split brain


So here we discuss a problem related to people with split brain which cannot explained by hylomorphic dualism. Split brain is a type of surgery which is performed for people with severe seizure. These people might develop a kind of split personality. You can read more about this in here:

The problem is that personality is a property of soul and cannot be split into two. This problem cannot be explained by hylomorphic dualism.


“Personality” is not the same as “personhood”. Perhaps personality is more brain dependent than soul dependent, though of course, even the brain is ultimately soul dependent. Personality is an aspect of incarntation. Can you imagine yourself with a different personality? Evidence indicates that personality is indeed a property of the brain.


So what do you get if you divide a person into two parts, left and right, and keep each part alive? You get one person or two person, what you called personhood.

By the way, what do you mean that personality is an aspect of incarnation?


One person, two personalities since in incarnation renders personality as a brain function.


Take one part to an edge of the universe and another one to another edge. What do each part experience? What the person experience? Are they different?


Two different experiences


I agree with what you stated. But does that consistent with hylomorphic dualism? You have two separated body, therefore you should have two separated experiences and two separated persons. How could you say that it is one person?


Well, how do you define “person”/


I define person as what experiences. In this case, we have two separated experiences and therefore we should have two persons, unless you claim that there is one persons with two experiences. What do you think?


This isn’t really a problem…


So what is your opinion?


I don’t see the issue.


There is an issue. The question is whether you get one person or two person if you divide a body of a person by two, left and right, and separate each part far enough? What is your answer and why?


They’d die. I do not think there is a way for both halves to live in this situation.


That is not true. You can divide brain into two half (just search split brain or read the article posted in OP) and each part is alive. Body doesn’t matter.


I have now read the article and still propose that they would die if you split someone’s body or just their brains in half.
They put half a brain in a living person.
They also didn’t mention much about different personalities in the article, but different functions (ie, hand attacking a wife and a different hand stopping it).

The closest to different personalities was asking each half a brain (how does that work?) what he wanted to be when he grew up with two different answers, but honestly many people want two differing jobs for different reasons, and so with a brain mashed up like that it would not be surprising.

The half a brain was put with the other half of a brain, which is why they are alive. A person can live with surprisingly little of their brain (I believe as low as 10% is known), but your hypothetical I simply do not believe is possible.


Of course I dont believ it either, but for the sake of speculation I guess I can go so far as to say that one person can experience two personalities.


Yes, one person with two experiences.


And what is your reason for that?


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