Hylton "Lamb of God"


I am a liturgical musician and singer, and just joined a new parish. When the music ministry at this parish picked out a new Mass setting last year they kept the Hylton "Lamb of God." Since there has been no change in the words with the revised translation, I don't think this is a problem liturgically. The problem for me is I cannot find anywhere to buy a licensed copy of the music. I need a guitar setting. I've checked the OCP and GIA websites, and did a google search as well, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks, and God bless.


You could try going here, clicking on "Contact Me," and asking her your question directly. I'm sure she would be willing to help. But first, you're sure you're thinking of the Lamb of God and not the Glory To God?


Thank you for the reply. Yes, definitely looking for the Lamb of God. I found the "Glory to God" on the OCP website, but it was not revised to go with the Revised English Translation of the Mass, so it can no longer be used.


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