Hymn/Song not used for an extremely long time

At Mass has there been a hymn/song that has not been played or sung at your church for an extremely long time?

Recently at Sunday Mass O Sacrament Most Holy was used as a communion hymn.


I haven’t heard Soul Of My Savior in awhile. I have to suggest it for a Communion hymn.

“Sing to the Mountains”
“Gather Us In” (also known as the Cookie Recipe song)
“Though the Mountains May Fall”
“Glory and Praise to Our God”

Well, pretty much anything written in the past 45 years.

And anything that has syncopation in the rhythm.

And anything that you might hear on K-Love.

:shrug: What can I say, we’re pretty traditional in our liturgies, and our “children’s choir” (everyone between the ages of 10 and 23…except me, of course) enjoys singing the traditional hymns and in Latin. :smiley:

“Soul of My Savior” and “O Sacrament Most Holy” are staple communion hymns for us by the way.

God bless y’all.

All that I Am, All that I Do

Welcome In!

Spirit of God

God Gives His People Strength

The Baker Woman


These songs I haven’t heard since at least the 1970s.

I haven’t heard Faith of Our Fathers for years.

These were pretty popular during the Chrismatic days. On rare occ. I will hear one or two, but not in Church.

While we do still have many of the beautiful hymns at our Church, one I would LOVE to hear again is “Mother at Thy Feet is Kneeling”. Our Choir used to sing it occasionally on Marian Feasts, but we now have a small singing groups and they never sing it. Haven’t heard it in about 10 years. God Bless, Memaw

I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of them, (Maybe Spirit of God, but I’m not sure). God Bless, Memaw

We sang that just a few weeks ago, I think.

Or maybe it was a few months ago? My brain’s sense of timey whimey is all wibbly wobbly these days…or was it those days?

Anyway, we make sure those confirmation students get to know all the old hymns while they’re required to attend the mass where we play/sing. :thumbsup:

It is one of my regular communion hymns.

One that I threw in for the first time, like ever, which means the first time in fifteen years, at minimum, was O God Our Help in Ages Past.

We sing that every year on Remembrance Day and a few other occasions. Beautiful hymn.


We only seem to sing God of Mercy and Compassion once a year in Lent:


Gertabelle, it is excellent the Confirmation students become familiar with the old church hymns.
If they do not learn the old hymns, than who will?

We sing this one a few times every year. One of my favorites.

I went to u tube to find The Baker Woman as I have never heard it. I absolutely loved the song and it is so appropriate for this month. I wish I had the lyrics.:slight_smile:

This Sunday I got to use For All the Saints, which I have not used in years (I keep missing All Saints’ Day)

All Saints’ Day wouldn’t be the same without that hymn. And Who are these like stars appearing and Jerusalem the Golden which we also sang on Sunday.

The tune is Sine Nomine (without a name) and it carries an accompanying delightful countertune played on the pedal. I know of no organist who doesn’t use it once in a while.

Immaculate Mary
Bring Flowers of the Fairest
God Bless our Pope
Soul of my Saviour
Hail Queen of Heaven the Ocean Star
Come Holy Ghost Creator come
Salve Regina
At the cross her station keeping
I’ll sing a hymn to Mary
Daily Daily sing to Mary
Hail Holy Joseph Hail
Parce Domine Parce populo tuo

Some of the lovely hymns of my childhood

Just curioius…Why is Gather Us In the “cookie recipe” song?

(and the cookie recipe question was my 500th post!):slight_smile:

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