Hymnal for the Hours


Just thought I’d alert my fellow CAF members about this lulu.com/shop/rev-samuel-f-weber-osb/hymnal-for-the-hours/paperback/product-21725587.html

Its the Official Latin Hymns translated into English, set to Gregorian Chant and approved for Liturgy. Thank God for Father Weber! :extrahappy:


I wonder. There is talk of putting an English translation of the official hymns in the upcoming re-translation of the LOTH. Either Fr. Weber is aware of the hymn translations to be used, or else he is hoping the USCCB will lean on his scholarship and adapt the translations in this book. Otherwise, this book would have little value for future Catholics wanting to pray the Ordinary Form of the Office.

I use the Liber Hymnarius when I pray the Liturgia Horarum so I can learn the tones for the actual hymns. However, there are times when I have to use an old copy of Fr. Stravinskas’s Lauds and Vespers to get the translations. Fr. Weber’s book would be a nice compromise.

Regardless, I find myself going back to the BR1962 more and more. The prayers, antiphons, Collects, and readings from Matins are more hard hitting for me than the modern LH. Though it takes a little more time, the EF fits me better.


I can understand that, I love the EF Breviary and Liturgy in general too. But, I pray the OF because I attend a OF parish regularly, its nice to have the Liturgy match up.
What I find shocking is this is the first time some of these hymns have been translated into English since the LOTH first came out. I hope the US Bishops use these, there beautiful and he even keeps the thee’s and thou’s in some of them.


Edit: A question about Fr. Stravinskas Lauds and Vespers if I may; how do the collect translation for the weekdays during Ordinary Time compare to the Official current versions?


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