hymns lyrics

hi everyone,

where can i find hymns lyrics from the internet?

many thanks

Most hymn books are copyrighted. You’d do better at your local parish.

most of the hymnal companies have software, or online access, but you have to pay for a license, which your parish has already done if they are using the resource. without the license you can view, but not print or reproduce, the lyrics (or chords/sheet music). Try the publisher of your hymnal or missalette, GIA has the license for the majority of Catholic stuff. songselect has most “Christian” music, praise & worship stuff. try LTP for software as well.

there is probaby a site out there for lyrics in the public domain, however music and arrangements would still be copyrighted. ask the music director of your parish or cathedral

Thousands of old Protestant hymns (some that can be used in Catholic churches, theologically permitting) can be found at


Start with the link “Titles”

Search Google asking for hymns, or the title of a hymn, or the first line…whatever it is you are looking for. There are many sites which have lyrics.

A lot of the hymns come up googled on a first line…or a parody, if it’s one of the really insipid ones.:rolleyes:

[quote=Nan S]Most hymn books are copyrighted. You’d do better at your local parish.

Correction, most of the '68 summer of love folk songs in the OCP are copyright, most actual hymns aren’t. :wink:

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