Hymns- "Washed in the Blood"

Why do so many Protestant hymns contain phrases about being “cleaned by the blood of Jesus” and Catholic hymns do not?

I’ve wondered that too. I’ve also wondered why Catholic hymnals only have the melody. As a choir member in my church (second tenor), not being able to sight read the harmony on the congregational hymns would drive me crazy. (We do our special music and anthems from memory, but we rehearse with sheet music, but those aren’t in the hymnal.)

Speaking of hymnals, here you can listen to all the songs in the Baptist Hymnal:

Where do you think Protestants got their devotion to the Precious Blood to start with?

My understanding is that there are plenty of Latin hymns about the Precious Blood. Some of them are Eucharistic. Some of them more directly relate to the Feast of the Blood of Christ on 1 June.

Wow! Thanks! I am still learning the songs from the hymnal…

Not so much so in Lutheran hymnals, except maybe Eucharist hymns.


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