Greetings, all -

I am looking for a good resource for liturgical music. Specifically, often times I find myself not being able to follow along with certain versions of the Gloria or Alleluia. The usual versions of these songs I can follow along with just fine, but sometimes, when the choir tries a rarer version, I get lost. I never was very musical, and following the musical notation in the hymnal is way beyong my skill level.

Does anybody know if there is a CD that has recordings of all the different versions?


You might try asking the music director in your church if there is a CD that can be purchased of the hymnal in your church.

I play piano in a Catholic Church, and there is a CD that comes with our Psalter that the liturgical director gives to all the cantors so that they can learn the Psalter even if they don’t read music. (Most do, but some don’t). I think that there might??? be a CD with the hymnal, too. There certainly are a lot of singers who aren’t great at sightreading, and these CDs help them.

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