Hypersexual billboards in NYC

So, I love in the borough of Queens, New York City and drive my daughter clear across it to school every day. Along the drive on Union Turnpike, there’s this one spot at a public bus stop that has had the following billboard.

  1. a large red condom with the word LOVE imprinted on it. Nothing else.

This was replaced by

  1. Tinder ad. An image of a peach and eggplant emoji. Nothing else.

Then there are the bus ads.

  1. There’s a large campaign for the Museum of Sex. The ad is an American flag with the words “Museum of Sex.” and address in small letters.

The worst in the bunch is

  1. “If your HIV test comes up negative, you can’t pass it on.” This is encouraging sex for people WITH HIV, as long as meds lowers it to undetectable levels. This is for “Hookup Equality.” This ad is sponsored by NYC Health. Yes, this is a city government sponsored ad and campaign.

I think that the prevalence of these are wild. Especially the last one. Isnt this wild? Do other cities have ads like this prominently?

The community can pass laws about outdoor advertising, but, baring that is finding someone who is willing to buy that ad space and put up something else.


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