Hyping the Subject of Racism

After all the suffering of people - past, present and future - due to harming their value due to race - is beyond (use all the usual adjectives like ignorant, mean, sinful, etc.)
Our country, USA, has advanced rapidly to overcome “racism” and reject any desire or tolerance of such intent or attitude. When some idiot proves they are displaying a racial hostility towards others we expect to correct and restrain that behavior. This is the state of advanced community people.
Presently, numerous issues are being addressed by solid Americans that are difficult to absorb. We have discovered rot and damage in areas that were not exposed and have to be resolved with “fix it to save it”. The exploitation of emotions resulting from harm is being pushed through mass media by using every possible human damage. Turmoil, confusion, division, fear and anger is the weapon of choice. Its presented by evil suggestion, accusation, slander, and deliberate lies.
A recent thread on racism was closed within 5 days. We must be able to calmly recognize the use of this weapon and remain strong in defending all of us from intended harm.
This is the way I see it happening.

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Racism sells. Hot button topic. Victimhood is more than a mindset, it is now a class, as in “class-action lawsuit.” I can show where my ancestors were invaded by a colonizing power, conquered, tortured, raped, killed, forced to adopt the language and customs of the invaders and placed under the invaders’ laws and political power. Sounds totally unfair. I need reparations!

BTW, I’m Scotch-Irish.


Not everyone on this site is American. As a verified full blooded mutt, and a southerner to boot (though not a native born one), I understand why conversations on racism are needed, but some people obsess with it. At the end of the day, skin colour is probably the least important thing about you. I have reddish skin, gray eyes, and brown hair. There’s a reason for that. (Let’s just say my ancestors didn’t really care who they had children with).

Most of the world population would consider those genetics a catch :grinning:

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Racism, in the current environment, is really nothing more than a way to shut down a conversation or debate when a person feels their argument is weak, or they just want to stop any opposition to their point of view.

Racism is a real thing…really exists…but has morphed into a political weapon.


Oh my goodness, po18uy, the term to use is “Scots-Irish”. Scotch is a drink, after all, never to be confused with ethnic tension (except with the English). :smile:


I guess we can throw “religious persecution” in the same boat.

I dunno. I think we can all throw in a guess on the pool concerning how many posts this thread lasts before it dies or gets shut down, lol. I don’t see this as one of those threads that won’t die, I’ll just say that.


I do get it - there’s plenty of real racism going on that we don’t need to yank out the r-word just to put a spin on disagreement. That said, it works both ways. Will conservative (and some Democratic) pundits stop calling people “anti-Semitic” for criticizing Israeli policies?

I don’t think Conservatives throw “anti-Semitic” out that often

And this is a serious problem. As long as it is used as a handy weapon, true racism will go unaddressed in the US by those who use it as such.

And as long as it people feel bludgeoned by unfair accusations of racism, they will be unwilling to admit that racism still exists.

We need to really celebrate how far we have come in order to unify against what racism remains.

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I asked my Scotch-Irish friend what I should call her and she said either one was ok.

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It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome. The more racism is invoked falsely the more people will ignore and not be able to recognize true racism. Plus if people are constantly unfairly told they are racists, eventually they will throw up their hands and figure what’s the use of trying, for no matter what they do someone will come along and say they are racists. Even if there is no racism they will be accused of subtle or unconscious racism.


…and some may even decide they may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb…

How about not hanging anyone for a lamb or less.

It depends. Do you think Trump is a “conservative”? He’s been saying it almost (?) daily.

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Trump’s the exception, not the rule. Figuratively speaking.

I’m in a demographic that pretty much precludes any target of discrimination ie. white, Australian, of some financial privilege, housewife (so I don’t experience workplace discrimination against women), healthy, tall (my short friends feel some discrimination out there!) and so on. In high school “Black Like Me” was mandatory reading a really interesting and eye opening. But it wasn’t until encountering anti Catholics from the US online that I had some experience of the helplessness of being considered less. The prejudice even online is so viciously palpable. There was a sense of helplessness as I said. Wanting to demonstrate to them that we aren’t stupid and evil and dangerous, but meeting nothing but blind hatred in return. I realise that that is nothing compared to what people around the world are experiencing in their lives, but that encounter went a long way to me opening my heart to others who in these awful situations because of race, creed, colour.

We certainly agree on that one. He’s one of a kind. Well, maybe–we have to see Boris in action to state that categorically. Maybe there are two of them!

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