Hypnosis, to be in pain or not to be

I use self hypnosis, sometimes just with breathing techniques and sometimes following a guide on youtube for chronic pain. My parish priest says theres no problem with this. However ive read elsewhere that its against teachings.
I offer up my pain throughout the day for souls and specific prayers, but sometimes i need pain relief.
Advice pls. Thankyou

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Why don’t you trust your priest?
There’s nothing immoral about a pain relief technique.


Have you seen doctor also?

I was listening to a lady speak about new age treatments being against catholic teaching and she included hypnosis in the list of therapies. She held an official title which escapes me at the mo.
Your answer is reassuring many thx

Yes, many doctors tbh

Yeah, Tis_Bearself is right, there’s nothing immoral about it, especially if you can’t really stand on it. God gives us challenges but He gives us relief too, like a dictionary and the internet for an easier research and social media for communication. Sometimes, we use hypnosis for the purpose of forgetting something painful from our past. Hypnosis is a good thing to do when you’re having a problem.

Kindly read this:

You know this is the hardest thing to do. I was in awe whenever I hear people who offer their sufferings for the sake of other people. GOD would be very proud of you, Lindsey.

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Hypnosis isn’t problem in itself, hypnotist can be problem if he is in occult. Not all of them are bad and there are also Catholic hypnotists. When you are hypnotised your will is weak and in hypnotist’s hands, you are vurnerable in those moments. You do not completely “own” yourself in those moments. Self-hypnosis is different thing. What do you use?

I myself was using biofeedback in past and it never helped even after a year. I just felt numb and pain was still there. It was more like I was just ignoring it. Later became worse. Never again.

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I’ve experimented with self-hypnosis before and it just felt like a meditation/relaxation exercise, at least to me. If you’re not doing anything uncharitable to yourself or to God or to somebody else then it is fine.


If so, it would not be the first time she’s made an overbroad statement that not all priests would agree with in all situations. Her ideas seem to be clearly rooted in her own past bad experiences only.

Stuff like this is why I don’t like/ don’t trust lay commentators, especially those with some agenda to promote their book, their program, or themselves. They foster mistrust of legitimate advice and guidance given by actual priests.

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