Hypothetical About Person That Receives Communion

If someones immediate supervisor at a place of employment is a Catholic that receives communion every Sunday, but the supervised employee knows the Catholic is committing a Mortal Sin how should the supervised employee handle the situation? It is a very strong possibility that if the supervisor finds out who finked on him the employee will be fired.


This is between your supervisor and God. Let God handle it.

You could ask your priest in Confession if his advice is the same.

The employee cannot ‘know’ that the employer is in mortal sin. All s/he can know is that the employer has committed an objectively grave sin. One cannot judge the state of someone else’s conscience, nor even know whether the employer has been to confession since committing the sin.

Agree with the previous poster that if necessary it could be brought up with a priest in confidence, without revealing the identity of the person involved. Really, though, we’re not the communion police. Unless one has a very good reason for getting involved, it would seem to be none of the employee’s business.

We have an obligation to admonish the sinner. But are you in a position to?

It’s none of your business whether or not your boss is receiving Holy Communion. Even if the priest himself knew of the situation, he would have to continue giving the boss Holy Communion unless the boss was sinning publicly such that it would cause public scandal.

This is a matter in which one should mind their own business. Only God can be the judge of the person.

My Brothers, are we forgetting we must admonish the sinner, a corporal work of mercy we all must do? If the supervisor is sinning publically (at least in a venial way, which is grave matter), then the employee has a duty to admonish the supervisor, and correct his ways, or atleast give him advice. If the act is truly public, and is causing scandal (which is mortal sin), then the Priest should be informed, and the supervisor spoke to, not to judge him in any harsh way, but for the sake of his or her soul, if we are complicit in sin, we are guilty of sin.

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