Hypothetical Confession Question

If one had an un-confessed mortal sin, were close to death with no known chance of getting to go to Confession again and they were perfectly contrite and did intend to go to Confession very soon if they ever did get to go again, but not as soon as possible in a literal sense, as to do this would be very difficult–not the actual Confession, but the as soon as possible part–would they still be saved if they died at that moment or would they need to plan to confess as soon as possible?

We should always strive to follow the directives of the Church.

God is above all and knows what the intentions of the heart is. I trust Him, and am aware that I don’t know how to correctly articulate answers to such questions.



If one had the intent to confess the sin but was unable to do so, and prayerfully expressed perfect contrition, meaning one was sorry for the sin not just because of the punishment, but because it offends God, one would be forgiven. That’s my understanding of Church teaching on the subject.


The grace of perfect contrition (out of love of God above all else) involves a firm resolution to go to confession “as soon as possible” - such need not be a “plan” - to go at this date and time…

And by unconfessed mortal sin I assume you meant - committed since ones last good confession.

Of course that’s what I meant.

Your answer is confusing to me, but thank you.

Also, I’m curious to know what else I could’ve meant by “un-confessed mortal sin?”

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