Hypothetical Eucharist

I was wondering what would happen if at a Catholic mass the Eucharist miraculously transforms into living flesh with blood vessels. Should we still consume the flesh?

I would think not. In the past, the elements have been preserved. Look up “Miracle of Lanciano” for an example.

As Deacon Jeff said the miraculous host would be preserved for the veneration of the people to build faith in the reality of each and every Eucharistic Host.

So then…is communion not distributed at that mass?

Yes, I was wondering how communion would be distributed at mass, given that it all has turned into flesh.

No, because at that point it is no longer a sacrament. The Real Presence continues as long as the accidents of bread and wine continue. If the accidents change (e.g. by digestion or dissolving the host in water), then the Real Presence ceases.

Granted, a miraculous change in the accidents is a special case; but even if there were an extraordinary Real Presence in such a case (which would warrant the worship of latria), it would still have ceased to be the Sacrament of Holy Communion (wherein we partake of our Lord under the accidents of bread and wine).

This has actually happened. Hundreds of years ago, the host was visibly transformed into flesh and blood. It was retained in a reliquary and displayed in order to encourage faith in the Real Presence. In the last century, a sample was taken and examined under microscope and chemical analysis. It turns out that it is actually cardiac tissue (flesh and blood, Sacred Heart…). I learned about this Eucharistic miracles during RCIA, and it definitely solidified my faith.
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God bless!

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