(Hypothetical) How am I doing good in the state of mortal sin?


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First off, please correct this if needed: **We as Catholics believe we cannot do any good, or any good works, on our own. God’s grace must assist us. **

Now, knowing we must need God’s divine intervention - God’s actual grace - in order to do good, how could anyone do anything GOOD while not in the state of grace.

You might ask yourself, “why does one need to be in the state of grace to receive actual grace…which leads to doing good?” The reason is because you cannot merit sanctifying grace, which is the “type” of grace consisting in the soul when one is in the state of grace, when one is not in the state of sanctifying grace. You receive the increase of sanctifying grace - sanctification - when one does good, which is due to actual grace.

So the logic is, actual grace (the grace that helps us do good( isn’t given to us in order to do good in the state of mortal sin.

So, how can one do good in the state of mortal sin? how is it possible?

Please help me if I’m lost on this. Perhaps this is the reason I’m lost: do we still receive God’s actual grace outside the state of grace?


I believe it is by the powerful prayers of many unstrung heros who pray unceasingly for conversion of sinners and the free-will of the sinners to respond to the graces which God granted to them through the prayers of the others.


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