Hypothetical Infant Baptism at Birth and Godparents?

If a child is in danger of dying when he is born and a priest or layperson baptizes the child and he lives, is it permissable to have an abbreviated “Baptism ceremony” to institute the godparents?

Sponsors, aka godparents, are not essential to the Sacrament of Baptism, hence they do not need to be “instituted.”

It is customary, however, should the infant survive, to bring him to church to supply the missing ceremonies, and (for and Eastern Christian child), give him the Sacrament of Chrismation (Confirmation) and Communion.

The additional Rites and ceremonies of Baptism are always supplied at the parish church (where the child received emergency Baptism) if the Child lives, the Godparents are always present and involved in these. In addition if the child does not survive, the Baptism is always to be recorded, but no Godparents are usually entered.

are always supplied at the parish church (where the child received emergency Baptism)

…ahh, that’s what I neglected to mention.

The initial baptism is done at the hospital.

If this happenes and the child lives, what is the follow-up like at a parish?

In the only case I have seen the baby was included with the others in the monthly baptism ceremony. She was treated as the others except she did not get wet; that is they omitted the actual pouring of water on her.

exactly as BroSFO has said, the rest of the rite is completed in the parish by the pastor or deacon, and godparents attend at that time. In either case, the initial baptism is the date recorded in the parish records, and in all cases the facts of an emergency baptism should be provided to the parents’ parish priest so they can be noted. Hospitals usually provide a form for this.

In such cases the baby can be brought to the family’s parish and they will perform the cerimony of baptism with the exception of pouring water on the baby. So the baby will receive his/her baptismal candle, garment, and certificate. The certificate will note the date of the actual baptism and the date of the cerimony.

How do you deal with emergency baptisms that have taken place in another parish but the family belongs to your parish?

The Baptism is recorded in the parish register where it took place (in the Hosptial, etc.) The additional Rites could be supplied at their parish, but the Baptism would not be recorded there, there would be a notation in the register of where and when the Baptism took place, along with the other information, Godparents names, etc.

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