Hypothetical on liturgy ad lib

Suppose a person moves to a new parish, attends Mass, follows along and notices that the priest routinely changes the Mass; omits the Creed (no Nicene, no Apostles, no renewal of baptismal promises), makes up his own Eucharistic prayers including changing the words of the consecration. . . writes to the priest politely saying that he/she was at Mass and noticed the above while following in the Missalette and asks the priest "why the change’, and priest politely responds with a thanks for attending Mass, invites the person 'not to follow along in the Missalette part of the songbook because active participation in the liturgy is how the people are called to be disciples of Christ;, and ends with have a blessed day.

My hypothetical is, what is the person’s responsibility now?

I think it would be important to pray for that priest, as well as seek discernment what action would be best, if any.

Isn’t this a bit detailed for a “hypothetical”?

Wanted to cover the bases. So many times when we try to make a hypothetical situation we don’t put in enough information and people post back with, “well, what exactly WAS the situation, what exactly was their response”. . .Figured this situation was one that was kind of smack in the middle, you know?

Good answer. . .Prayer especially!

Isn’t this a bit detailed for a “hypothetical”?

I don’t know how this got posted twice. Sorry about that.

No problem. I don’t think it’s the world’s greatest hypothetical, anyway! :smiley:

No priest has the right to change the the order of the Mass. Changes can be accidental resulting from health problems. The bishop should be notified if the priest will not follow the order of the Mass.

Too often we view prayer as our last resort instead of our greatest asset. We have a God willing to help us. By praying for the priest, we also become attuned to God and rid ourselves of resentment if any builds up. Then, if we do take some action, we can have peace about doing what God wants.

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