Hypothetical Question re: sex change


This is an unusual hypothetical question. Let’s say a man and woman marry. Years later, the man decides to get a sex change. Eventually, he realizes his fault and he and his wife reconcile. Would they be able to have sexual relations despite the fact that he doesn’t have the proper part to engage in full intercourse?




How would they have sexual relations if he has effectively amputated his genitals?


Since the church does and always did and always will consider him a MAN…yes!



And how exactly would he engage in intercourse? Your response is illogical.


What the Church considers isn’t relevant in this case. If he no longer has “the proper part to engage in full intercourse” then intercourse is not possible.


Makes sense. A different hypothetical scenario, then. What if both spouses had surgeries so that intercourse was possible, but in reverse. Would this be a valid conjugal union, or would the previous surgeries, though regretted, render the act immoral?


No, it would not be possible for them to engage in properly ordered sexual intercourse. One must remember that marital intimacy is not an “anything goes” endeavor. It is always subordinated to the requirement that each act be per se apt for generation of life.

The man lacks a penis and cannot ejaculate, the woman lacks a vagina, and therefore a completed act of intercourse cannot occur in such a situation.


The OP asked if they could have sexual relations…not sexual intercourse.
Sexual “relations” includes many things beyond “intercourse.”
And all those things are possible.

Besides, I don’t think he was asking if it was* technically* possible. I think he was asking if the Church would be okay with it, if the church would still consider the sex as being between a man and a woman…or if the church would consider it being between the same sex.

Is that what you are asking, JMKC?



If he has “reverse” surgery, he will have the “proper part” and it can do what it’s supposed to do. Same for a woman.

And since they are both still considered male and female, as they were born, according to the Church…then, yes, it would be properly ordered intercourse.



No, mutual masturbation without actual sex (an act open to the creation of life) is not allowable for Catholics.


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