hypothetical question

what would an ideal christian society look like in regards to roles for men and women?

the closest of that i can think of is the middle ages, which does not paint the prettiest picture. there seemed to be a lot of male tyranny and a lot of jobs that women are used to doing today which wouldn’t have been allows. like doctor, lawyer, jodg, protection forces, things like that. not allowed in university, so much of the more elite studying and working was reserved to men using the argument athat women weren’t as capable to reason or else should be in subordination. exception of course, were nuns but even then they had a lot of restrictions and basically couldn’t leave the cloisters

of course, there are problems with today’s society too such as the culture of sin and death, children being left in daycare all the time, contraception being the key to freedom and all that.

any thoughts?

The Middle Ages had just as many problems with sin and heresy as we do today. I don’t thing we can imagine a perfect chrisitans society because that would mean we are with God who transcends us

It would look like heaven and resemble the relationship of Adam and Eve prior to the Fall, when they were able to look at each other with complete dignity and give of themselves entirely and receive the other entirely in the created figure of Trinitarian love. :o

Too broad of an idea. Likewise the middle ages ranges from the fall of Rome to the 1400 and again one can’t paint it one way or another and there are many variances in it. Likewise one can’t truly judge another time period using our standards today. Women weren’t dr.'s and lawyers back then because of the lack of education for both sexes and is not necessarily due to a subjection of women. Remember books were not printed back then, they were hand written and only a few had them if at all. To look back at that time period and judge it thinking that women were prevented from education so that is why one didn’t see women dr.'s or lawyers is a bit of a stretch. Women weren’t even allow in medical school until the early 1900 which is a long time away from the middle ages. Women didn’t even vote until then too. The general population was mostly illiterate in the middle ages, not just women. There were a number of women in the middle ages that were queens and had a big influence over the management of their countries and a number of them even became saints such as St. Bridget of Sweden. I think the question and idea needs to be reframed.

And again, I suggest you look at Regine Pernoud’s books. You have a lot of misconceptions.

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