"I absolve you" - followup


I see the thread is locked so just wanted to thank everyone in a new thread for their responses and yes I do tend to think scrupulously at times. :slight_smile:

For years I never realized what proper form for absolution (where the priest must at least say “I absolve you”) so now I listen very carefully and just wanted to make sure it was sufficient, especially if there is mortal sin involved! :slight_smile: Hopefully even if I don’t hear those words the grace of Reconciliation is on me.


Of course you receive the grace if you go to confession in good faith and the priest has the intent of absolving you, even if he messes up and doesn’t say the exact right words.

The laity isn’t required to watch their priest like a hawk to make sure he performs his priestly rituals correctly. Unless there is some big obvious issue like the priest reeks of alcohol and passed out in the confessional before he got to the absolution part, I think we can rely on them to do their jobs right and if they somehow make a mistake, God will put it on them, not on us.


Yes, listen to the words of absolution in gratitude to God for giving us such a tremendous gift, not to test the priest. :slight_smile: Unless you notice something very obviously wrong with him, you should trust God and the priest’s intention to absolve you. As “Tis” said, if they mess up then it is on them.


When I hear the priest say the words of absolution, it brings a tear to me eye. I feel so blessed, literally and figuratively. :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile::grin:




God is not a finicky bureaucrat who will damn you to hell because Father Joe accidentally forgot a few words.

Trust in God, His wisdom and His love.


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