I absolve you from your sins- unclear


I just had confession. As part of the absolution prayer I think the priest (who had an accent and was speaking quickly) said I absolve you from your sins but it sounded like “I absolve from your sins” without the “you”.

It is possible (and likely) he actually did say “absolve you” but it wasn’t clear. Can I still assume it was valid as “I absolve from your sins” without the “you” makes no sense?


Yes, I’m sure you are absolved from your sins. Our Heavenly Father sees all and knows all. Peace be with you.


Yes, 1000 times yes. Give the guy a break on linguistics. If you were NOT absolved I think he would have come across loud and clear in ANY language.


scruples is possibly at play here.

Mods have a program in place to deal with scruples, Lets allow the mods to deal with this.


Excuse me but what do you mean? I’m not familiar with forums.


The mods have a program to deal with scruples?


scruples is where someone has doubts and issues surrounding things like being absolved, committing sin, It can become very distressing and debilitating in that it permeates an individuals life and interrupts their worship of God.

We had a recent thread on site feedback . if you go there, you will see the mods have asked us to charitably flag so they can intervene


I know what scrupulosity is. I suffer from it. I just didn’t know the mods had a plan for it here. Cool!


YOU KNOW, I’m not comfortable with making the judgment that someone has scruples without knowing more about the poster and the number o times and indications that someone may have scruples. My Bible says “Judge not lest you be judged.”


Agree! One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was “God is NOT a bean counter in front of a set of scales”. He’s not keeping a list of credits (was nice to neighbor-plus one) and debits (didn’t hear the “you” in I absolve you from your sins-minus one).

Remember, the intention was to absolve you. That is sufficient. Of course, if the priest had a stroke and was suddenly babbling; he wouldn’t necessarily be put back into the confessional, but for God to withhold forgiveness because of an accent? Please. Think it through in the context of all He said and did while here on Earth.


Pronouns aren’t explicitly the same in every language. The “you” may not be necessary or even sensible in his native language. Don’t get hung up on that kind of detail. The Church doesn’t and our Lord didn’t intend it.


and that is exactly why we leave these type of posts to the moderators. because if it is the case, then anything we say can be extremely damaging.

we don’t try to judge, we see the potential and refer to the moderators And that is what the moderators want us to do.


You were absolved. God bless you!


I generally look at topics created. If a large portion of them deal with whether or not something is a sin, I find it reasonable.


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