I accidentally called Jesus a profit once


So in our history books it said that the Muslims saw Jesus as another profit, so I thought profit and savior were the same thing. Then I accidentally called Jesus a profit. I later realized that savior is a lot more than a profit. Is it a sin if I thought that profit and savior were the same thing, and if I accidentally called Jesus a profit?


I believe that according to christian understanding, Jesus took on the role of a prophet along with his role as savior for mankind. So you calling Jesus a prophet may not be entirely wrong according to your Christian faith. It would be wrong if you had said Jesus was only a prophet as Muslims understand it…


I’m sure it would not be a sin if you made a mistake. Your intentions were good. Besides, I believe Jesus is considered a prophet in Christianity (as well as Islam), but Savior does have a different meaning to Christians.


I think you made an honest mistake. If you thought prophet and savior were the same thing, that is not a sin, because you didn’t know the definition. Saying he was only a prophet, and nothing more would be denying his divine nature as the son of God, so that would be sinful.

Indeed, one of the many facets of Jesus’ life on earth was to be a prophet, or one who spoke and acted under the extraordinary influence of God. So you weren’t wrong when you called him a prophet, you only had an incomplete knowledge of the difference between the words.



A profit? Well I suppose you could call him one if you accepted Christianity and received him. :stuck_out_tongue:

A prophet? Technically accurate. Jesus is priest, PROPHET, and king.


Priest. Prophet. King.:thumbsup:


And to know Him is a great profit to our salvation :stuck_out_tongue:



I think you have to have a malicious intent and knowledge in order to sin in this case.

Are you scrupulous?


I wouldn’t worry too much about it. People mispronounce words all the time, especially in the southwest and south. I was raised in TX and NM saying all words with E as if they were I. I never knew the difference until I was about sixteen years old. That is how everybody talked and all you heard.

You know the difference now, and that is what matters.

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