I almost applied to work in a Reformed Church

I have been looking for a new job (I currently have one, but am looking to move closer to family and friends). I have been applying like crazy and came across a job that is teaching kids religion in a Reformed church.

I thought and prayed about it… a lot… and I just couldn’t bring myself to apply. I feel like the Holy Spirit was just saying no. I keep thinking I made a mistake, but I love being Catholic way too much. I would miss it.

Plus it is teaching a different theology… I keep praying I heard a right voice and that I didn’t make a mistake, but how could God be wrong

You did the correct thing. I cannot imagine that a Reformed Church, i.e. Calvinist, would hire a Catholic to teach religion, in any case.

That’s unusual. At the reformed church we attended for two years they only allowed members to teach and only the elders could lead Bible study.

Did you like the reformed church?

You made the right decision.

Truth is not relative. Truth is Truth. Truth is Christ.
Do you believe that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ? Do you believe that we receive Christ in the Eucharist? If so, how could you consider teaching a watered down Gospel in a church founded by men?

Congrads on making a good decision. I too answered a call for work at a ‘church’. This church ended being the church of Scientology. Although the greeter was the most appealing person I have laid eyes on, sweet disposition, great smile, super cordial and just full of life. At the end it was never a true job. All they wanted was for one to join their church that was set up like a pyramid scheme. What caused me to run out was the weird cultish film they had me watch; anti-government, anti-psychology, and eventually anti-life. At the end of the film the narrator suggested if you didn’t believe in anything they had said, he then suggested in you pulling a gun and setting it on your temple of your head and to pull the trigger. That is how it ended. Sorry if there is any Scientologist out there, but that was my feelings and experience I had.:smiley:

No, but some of the people there were good Christians. I have since come to understand this quote by R.J. Grigaitis

“…the Catholic Church teaches the complete Word of God. Christian churches that rely solely on Sacred Scripture teach an incomplete Word of God, and do not have the authority to teach. Only the Catholic Church has the complete Word of God, and the authority to teach it.”

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