I also feel called to the priesthood (and testimony)

I use to serve God through music and mentoring, and psychology was a main goal before. I don’t know how my friend talked me into computers, but I studied them and became a software engineer for roughly five years. While in RCIA as a convert, I had an ambulance experience due to a chest pain, and the doctor said they have to transfer me or I was going to die. Luckily it was just a heart virus and was easily cured, but when I was in that ambulance I felt empty. I had a great job, good money, no wife or kids, but just my computer and job. I use to serve God, but I began to serve myself. While in the ambulance (or in that time frame) I felt God telling me “Now that you did everything you wanted to do, it’s my turn to tell you what I want you to do.”

I knew my life wasn’t going to be the same. After three years in RCIA and slowly taking my time, Christ finally called me into his church. Hearing “Serve the Lord with your life” at mass every Sunday made me take it to practice with volunteering again with mentoring and tutoring at a kids club. I was finally driving home with a smile on my face. I got laid off from my software job too, so the smile on my face got wider as well. I remember when they told me over the phone I was getting laid off, I silently looked up and said “Thank you, God!” I knew God was in control because I let him, and the path has becoming more clear.

I’m in college studying full time right now, and I am focusing on psychology for my BA. I keep feeling that God is calling me to serve him full time. I thought of psychology, but when I want to take out the bible I won’t be able to in the school. If I’m a priest, hey I can.

I have some doubts and questions, which is probably natural. Here’s my worry: I’m 30, going on 31 this month, and I joined the Catholic Church last Easter as a convert. I talked to a vocations director about looking into the brotherhood, and he mentioned they recommend two to three years as a convert before taking the next step. I asked about the Benedictine Brotherhood but I didn’t feel that I would enjoy living at the monastery life because I’m natural in community serving. I didn’t ask about the priesthood who does live with the community, so I e-mailed him again and waiting on his response.

I hear that those going into the priesthood need to be around age 42 max. I’m still working on my BA to finish that up, and I’m guessing there’s theology study after that. Do you know how long that might be? I’m curious if I’m too late.

And I guess my other question is do priests tend to always be assigned to a parish, or can they chose to do more missionary work around the world? I’m sure you’re familiar with Fr. Barron and his Catholicism series. He went around the world ministering for his DVD series and seeing the Catholic orphanages in one particular video. I also come from a video production background too in the hobby area, though one of our short family films was awarded at a film festival. I currently use my video production skills for putting videos on YouTube that share about Catholic doctrine to non-Christians and Protestants.

Anyway, I thought I’d get some feedback. Thanks for reading.

You are never to old to become a priest. I know of several men who began their training at 42 or older.

I.e The Pontifical Beda college in Rome takes men sent there by their bishops from all over the world. The minimum age of Students is about 40, some of the ‘more mature’ guys are in their 60s.

If you are ordained the Bishop of your diocese will decide on your assignment be it parish work, etc.

God bless

Interesting… In regards to the 40 years, is that minimal before starting the seminary or the priesthood? And how long is the seminary usually? I’m almost 31. I still have 2 years for my BA, and would have enough years as a convert by then, plus the seminary years. Not trying to sound like I’m jumping into it, but trying to get an idea.

You’re not too old. Lots of guys a lot older than you decide to become priests.

If you’ve got a BA then your time in seminary would probably be 4 or likely 5 years, depending on your Bishop. That’s how it is here anyway, for example for a convert in his 40’s with a degree in Philosophy.
All of this varies from diocese to diocese, and there’s a lot to be considered to determine an individuals path towards ordination.
Speak with the Vocations Director in your diocese.

I’m in college full time currently, and I’m near the end of my first two years. I’m sure that may count and finish the rest with them. Who knows. I’m waiting for the director’s e-mail response. Thanks!

Sounds like you are right on track. You might check into the Franciscans, around here they tend to serve in the poor communities and do a lot of outreach stuff. Just keep on keepin’ on, sounds like God has a Plan.

Big surprise. :rolleyes:

wait… Dominicans are the preachers, historically. If you want to communicate, this could be a way to go for you.

Oh well, God already knows the outcome. Rewind to my “keepin’ on” advice.:tiphat:

It varies…depending on when you enter seminary. There are those who enter seminary after high school, which would take 8 to 9 years and those who enter after obtaining their BA…which would be 4 to 5 years.

Keep in mind, seminary is not just studying, it also involves spiritual formation. My advice, is complete your RCIA, continue serving the Church in whatever capacity, and God will give you hints. Also, give the diocese vocations director a call…at least start your contact with him. He may recommend a weekend discernment retreat for you.

And even though you will have a BA in Psychology, you’ll need quite a few philosophy hours (I forget how many). So you’ll most likely go into a pre-Theology program (typically 3 years) to complete that requirement before beginning your Theology graduate studies which will take 4-5 years.

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