I am a coward

I fear pain and disease. I literally throw up or faint even hearing about it. I am a hypochondriac and fear I may fall sick. Right now, I have spider bite. Though it is small and others can handle it, I am on my knees and begging God to take the pain away. I am so terrified of pain, I just don’t have the strength to handle it.

Sounds like you need to see a therapist ASAP.

God bless.

I agree. Most of his threads are like this.


The best we can do for you is offer you our sincerest prayers, and advise you to see a medical professional.

The Op is autistic.
I will pray for you.

Hail Mary Full of Grace,
the Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
now and in the hour of our death.

i am praying for you. i am a surgeon. understand that few spider bites are dangerous. dont be a hypochondriac.you will kill yourself worrying!

live. enjoy. pray.

jovial and fly.

I can’t endure pain. I am weak. Why can’t God give me the strength to face pain? I feel inadequate, the apostles could face persecution, whereas I can’t even endure a spider bite. I feel inadequate.

It’s natural and right to dislike pain. St Paul begged God to take away his pain when he was suffering a ‘thorn in the flesh’, whatever it was. Even Jesus begged the Father to take his suffering away if possible. If the opposite happened - if you didn’t care about or even embraced pain - that would make you a masochist rather than a healthy normal human.

And not all pain is meant to be endured either - God gave us doctors and painkillers you know, and there is nothing wrong in using these goods that He has given us, as long as we use them appropriately.

If you suspect that things have reached the point where a normal healthy dislike of pain and illness has become hypochondria, then there is little anyone on an internet forum can do for you.

I understand. But my worry is that by complaining about my pain, have I failed God? We ought to persevere, bear everything patiently, but I have failed.

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