"I am a Married Catholic Priest" - Article

I found this article on my local news website. It’s about an Episcopalian priest who converted to the Church and was ordained in the Catholic Church.

It does seem to be quite pro married priests but it makes it clear that he himself is not supportive of it.

That’s also been my experience in talking to a few folks from the local Ordinariate, that the Anglican Ordinariate have very traditional Catholic views and came over to the Catholic church because they want to maintain the traditions that the Anglican/ Episcopal church was tossing aside.

I wish the article had talked a little more about how they get along as a young family with kids and him being a priest, rather than having all kinds of other stuff about the married priest controversy. But perhaps he didn’t want to share more than what he provided.

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I read one article, about an Anglican vicar convert to the faith who was ordained in the Catholic Church, and is married with children.

He said that wearing a black cassock whilst pushing a pram around at St Peter’s Basilica, everyone stared at him!

Being a married priest with children must be a strange feeling. I guess it’s not so strange for him because of course he was previously a married Episcopal priest.

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"We are these very conservative men who have left the Episcopal church and now meet all these left-wing Catholics who are celebrating our presence,’’

It’s funny because it’s true!

Much like the priest profiled in the article, I don’t have a strong opinion either way but what I would say is that anyone who sees it as a panacea for vocations is seriously deluding themselves. Granted, there are a few places in the world (such as the Pacific Islands) were the remote and insular nature of the communities might mean that ordaining an older married man from the local area is easier than trying to attract an outsider or a younger man, but those are exceptional circumstances. For most of the world, if anything, attracting married men would be far more difficult than single men.


Thank you for sharing this article.

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