I am a Newbie Here

Hello, I am new to the forum,and starting to go to Mass,
I have a few questions I hope someone can answer :slight_smile:

1-- I am not Catholic but I do Veil, I have veiled for about 9 years now,and I was wondering if it was okay if I veiled in Mass?

2-- Since I am not Catholic, can I enter into Church, do the Holy water,and make the sign of the Cross? Or is that just for full Catholics?

3-- Would I or Not do the genuflect ?

4-- Would I talk to the Priest after Mass to let him know I am going to start coming to mass?

5-- Are most Catholic Churches open at all times so if I feel the need to go pray I can?

6-- Do I have to be full catholic to use Rosary? I was told Yes by one person, No by another…

7-- How do I start taking the RCIA Classes, do I need to talk to the Priest about this?

8-- How long does the classes take?

9-- Do non Catholics go to confession?

10-- Okay and when you go up for the receiving of the Eucharist , do I go up but cross my arms so to let him know I will not be partaking in it but just for a blessing?

11-- and when I go into Church would I do or not the Holy water and Genuflect, ?

Thank you so much for your time…


You can veil yes for sure. You can bless yourself with holy water. You face the tabernacle with the lit candle above it when you genuflect. It is good to introduce yourself to the priest and let him know you will be attending Mass there. You I’m sure are baptized so you can go to confession. Call the parish office about RCIA classes. They run from September till April.
You are not yet at this time to receive Eucharist but can be blessed as you described.
You may pray the rosary yes. My parish is open 8am till 8pm usually 7 days a week to come pray. Differs with different parishes.


Yes, I was Baptized 22 years ago in a Baptist Church…
Ok tyty for answering my questions :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome and …

Welcome Home :heart:


Welcome, Glow. I’m most impressed because you’ve been here less than 30 minutes and you’ve already figured out how to change your avatar picture😀. You can do everything a regular Catholic can except receive the Eucharist. You may go up and receive a blessing or just stay in the pew if you wish. I believe you can go to confession but I’m not sure absolution applies until you enter the church fully. By all means talk to your priest, he’ll be able to clear up any confusion. Did you veil at your last church?


Welcome, and absolutely!!


Not just for Catholics. Holy Water reminds us of our Baptism and you may cross yourself with it to remind yourself of yours. The Sign of the Cross is for EVERYONE who wants to remind themselves of what Christ did for us, and wants to bring to mind the Blessed Trinity. (There’s actually a “proper” way to do it…because Catholics try to pray in communion with each other, and so, pray in similar fashion when able. Check this out! )

Sure! It’s an act of reverence for Christ, truly present in the Tabernacle.

Yes. If his parish is one where people, who are not prepared to receive the Eucharist, come up for a blessing instead, this will give him an opportunity to invite you to that; and he’ll know that at future Masses, you may have questions about the Mass as you go along.

It really depends on where you are, and even inner-city (where there may not be many nearby members to keep the doors safely unlocked) vs. more suburban or rural settings. You’ll have to ask someone from that parish.


No way! I know Baptists who pray the Rosary. All you need to know is the Lord’s Prayer, and the Hail Mary. The Rosary is a devotion that anyone can adopt at will.

The Priest or the parish office will be able to answer that question. It’s different (scheduling, etc.) depending on the parish you go to. And you can attend RCIA even when you are already Catholic. (We never stop learning.)

As above, it depends. An hour or two, once per week, from around September-ish through Easter, is normal. Some Priests will also offer private instruction in some cases, as some folk don’t need that much time (if they have studied the faith on their own, or whatever).

Not usually, and they would not receive an absolution (unless there was a situation where death was likely, and some conditions were met). They can talk to a Priest about their sins and pray for forgiveness, but the Priest generally will not offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation until just prior to your Baptism/Confirmation into the Church.

Ask the PRiest before Mass. In the US, this is generally what I have seen by the norm. But I have been to some parishes where, if you are not receiving, they expect you to stay put in the pew. So, ask beforehand and the Priest (or another parishoner) will tell you.

See answers to #2 and #3.

Welcome to the forums, and welcome to your intro to the Catholic Faith!!


Yes, I veiled at my last Church, was looked at as a freak But I stuck to my convictions and veiled no matter what…
I also use Anglican beads.
Until I become full Catholic,can I use the Catholic Rosary?

Anybody can pray the rosary. We don’t have copyright or anything, it’s free to use for all who want to meditate on the life of Jesus.

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Okay ,Thank you :slight_smile:

I would encourage you to go ahead and talk to the priest, actually! Most priests would be thrilled to answer questions like this.

Many Catholic women wear a mantilla. It’s also pretty common to just wear a hat or scarf. I don’t know exactly what sort of head covering you use? I’ve also used a head wrap.


Okay thank you, I was told it was a sin to do it since I was not catholic… I wanted to make sure

I have a black and a white mantilla…

You might want to correct whomever told you that. It is in no way sinful.


I have another question… Okay do married women wear only Black mantillas?
I have a white one and black one…

Now I want pictures. :wink:

In all seriousness - it’s associated with the more traditionalist types, so sometimes the topic gets a little heated in certain circles. Some people feel it’s associated with people who are being holier-than-thou. Sometimes they’re right. But don’t worry about it. People will always get on each other’s cases over something.

That’s the really traditionalist way, but nowadays I’d say most women wear whatever color they like. I’m unmarried and wear a black mantilla sometimes. And I’ve seen them in all sorts of colors like navy and beige and whatever else.

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There’s no rule on that. My wife and daughters rotate between black, brown, white, cream, ivory, blue, etc…according to what they are in the mood for, or what matches their outfit. I HAVE heard that Married women typically wear a black one, but you won’t find any rule book on it.

Thank you for the Link :slight_smile:

I wonder if you could get a set of mantillas and match them to the liturgical colors of the season? That might be fun.

LOL! I can’t see my wife wearing the Liturgical Green. But, that WOULD be kinda cool to see.

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