I am a Newbie Here

Okay, thank you so so much, ya’ll are making my nerves calm down…(I have anxiety attacks)
I was looked down for years for covering ,and being only dresses in Church, But those are my beliefs :slight_smile:
Would you like to see my anglican beads ?

Sure! I still have a book of common prayer around here somewhere. Got some good stuff in it.

I’m a convert of 5 years, raised Baptist. So I know where you’re coming from.

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I was a Baptist for 22 years. I am at the Great 50 now :slight_smile:

Ug says new users can not upload :frowning:

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Yeah makes sense, I’m sure otherwise some jerk would join and immediately start posting porn or something. There’s always trolls on the internet.

Everyone has done a wonderful job with answering all of your questions. So, I won’t ramble on and repeat anything that everyone else has so eloquently answered.
However, I did want to welcome you Home! I too am new to the forums AND I am a convert-Catholic for 13 years. And I’m just as excited about it now as I was after my Confirmation. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Glow!

My mother is going through RCIA now. She’s going to be 71 on the 24th of January. The difference is that she was never baptized and rarely went to church. She attends Mass and holy days of obligation regularly with me and my wife now. She is very happy and at peace in ways I’ve never seen her before.

She does all the things you asked about except wear a mantilla. Few in our parish do. She also does not go to confession yet. Her sins will be forgiven when she is baptized this April.

The others have done an excellent job of answering your questions, so I won’t repeat them here.

Once you post enough, you’ll gain the privilege to upload. I cannot remember how many posts you have to make, though…

Good luck on your faith journey!

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Hello GLOW, glad to hear of your interest in the Catholic church!

Assuming you’re female, it’s fine. If somebody makes a remark about it, just ignore them.
By the way, the correct term is “cover your head” because the verb “to veil” properly refers to the veils of nuns and religious order sisters only.

As long as you’re doing it with reverence and with some idea of what it means, it’s fine. You don’t have to be full Catholic.

Most Catholics will genuflect towards the tabernacle (usually, though not always, located in the center of the altar) when they arrive before sitting in their pew, and when they leave church as they leave their pew. You can do it too if you want. Just follow what others are doing.

You can say hello to the priest if he stands by the door shaking hands as you go out, but it is not necessary to tell him you will be coming to Mass. Priests don’t really keep track of a particular person’s Mass attendance, and anyone is welcome at Mass as long as they don’t disrupt the service.

For security reasons, most Catholic Churches in USA are closed and locked when there is not a Mass or some other activity such as confessions, choir practice, wedding rehearsal etc going on. Some parishes and colleges have chapels that are open during daytime business hours for anyone to come in and pray, and some large cathedrals or shrines are open during business hours for tourists to come in and pray or visit. Most churches and chapels are closed during the night unless there is some special prayer event going on, or they are open only to certain people who have an access code or key.

In some other countries, churches may be open more frequently. Check with your local parish to find out when the church is open.

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Anyone can pray the Rosary. You don’t have to be “full Catholic”. Mary is always happy to hear from all her children. There are non-Catholics who pray the Rosary on this very forum.

If you were trying to get certain merits like indulgences for saying the rosary, you do have to be full Catholic to get those merits. But anyone can say the prayers and be confident they are heard by God.

Ask your priest. He will direct you to the right person you need to speak to in order to take the classes.

Usually they meet every week for a few months, but ask the specific person the priest tells you to talk to, because it can be a little different for different places or different people.

No. RCIA should teach you when it’s time to go to confession, after you’ve learned a bit about the Church. Confession is a sacrament so it’s just for members of the Church.

In a lot of places, non-Catholics will go up with arms crossed for the blessing as you describe.
However, this doesn’t happen in all parishes, and some priests don’t like people to go up.
I suggest that either you look to see if other people are going up with arms crossed and getting blessed at your church.
If they are, then it’s okay for you to do that too.
If you don’t see other people doing this, ask your priest about it and follow whatever he says you should do.

You can do Holy Water and genuflect, as we discussed above.

In the USA, there is no custom established regarding head coverings. People just wear what they want and whatever color they want.
I have an orange prayer shawl, a white lacy scarf, black mantilla, white doily, a leopard print scarf, other shawls, it’s just whatever I have handy.

If you are in another country that isn’t USA, you might want to ask a lady there if there’s a custom of wearing certain head coverings.

Yes I am a female…

I have covered for years, and the reason I said veil is because I have said Cover to a friend she said veil, I would say veil to another she said cover…
So I just said one… Sorry for sounding stupid on the name matter, :frowning:
I have always said head covers as Covers …

I will not know these things unless I ask others…
again sorry to sound stupid on the matter

You’re not stupid, people debate the same things on here.

It’s easier to just say “cover your head” than get into an argument with somebody over the word “veil”.

Also, technically the requirement in the 20th century before Vatican II was for women to wear a head covering when coming to church. In some areas women wore mantillas, in some areas women wore shawls that covered their head, or some other form of head scarf, and in the USA women most commonly wore hats, which were considered normal wear for any woman going out to run errands, go to a restaurant, make a social call etc. Women who found themselves without a hat and suddenly needing to go to Mass without having time to go get a hat, would sometimes put a paper napkin from the diner on their head.

If you get comfortable with a parish, ask for a tour of the church and they will explain all the places in the church: the Nave, Sanctuary, Altar etc. They will show you where the Reconciliation Chapel is and the schedule for confession. They will be thrilled and blessed to welcome you to the parish and most of all Christ’s Holy Catholic Church.

I am a newbie here too, but I want to publish this prayer to Mary Never Fail:

O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendour of Heaven. Blessed Mother of The Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this, my necessity. There are none who can withstand your power.

O star of the sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother (make request).

O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee (three times). Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (three times). Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine.

This prayer must be said for three days and after that the request will be granted (will never fail).

This prayer must be published immediately.

Praying to Mary is fine, but posting “chain prayers” (the ones that say “never fail, must be published”) are considered superstition and not permitted on the forum.

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