I am a Protestant person looking for some advice; can you help me from the Catholic perspective?

I’m 47 years old.
I married my Catholic wife 19 years ago in the Catholic Church
I was raised in the faith of the Reformed Church in America
We have two teenage daughters being raised as Catholics
Until about 9 weeks ago, I attended church with my wife & daughters weekly.
I have considered membership in my wife’s church for years but cannot come to grips. with /accept / understand / or believe in transubstantiation.
Many of the other Catholic practices I’ve experienced over the years seem hard to understand, but are not the deal breaker for me like communion is.
The effect on our relationship has been gruesome.
I no longer even try to talk to my wife about church, and she has asked me not to tell our children the honest reason I cannot bring myself to attend with them any more.
In 20+ years of attendance not one Catholic person has ever invited me into a discussion of my faith or tried to explain the Catholic faith. Not my wife, or her family members, or any of the priests from any of the four Catholic churches she has belonged to over the years.
I don’t think I could feel any more isolated, excluded or un welcome than I currently do at her church, and it’s reached a point were I can no longer attend.
For the last eight or nine years we have sat in the third or forth row of the church 10 feet away from the same priest, so I doubt no one has noticed I’m there.
I seem to be trapped between a rock & a hard place - I can’t find a way to believe in her church, & she does not want me to pursue membership in my own denomination for fear our children will begin examining their Catholic faith and my protestant faith, and end up not being Catholic, something she protects in a manner I never imagined possible.

Am I to just go without religion in my life in order to honor my commitment to see our children raised as Catholics? I never in a million years imagined our interfaith marriage would look like this……

Since I have learned more in the last few days from reading this website than I have in 23 years of attending Church with my wife, it seems like this would be a good place to ask my question…Thank you for taking time to read …Mike

Hi Mike,

I’m glad that you have found our website. By all means ask us what you want to know. I encourage you to read our tracts if you haven’t already:

catholic.com/library/faith_tracts.asp You can contact me privately by clicking on my name above. You are in our prayers and you are most welcome here.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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