I am a sick, sick man


I caught a nasty bug from my boys.

I want to go to mass. I don’t want to miss the sacrament.

I suppose I could wear a surgical mask, but how freaky would that look?

Does anyone know a mass that streams live on the internets?

Why couldn’t I be sick on a work day? Anyone want to bring me soup? Anyone want to bring me the Eucharist?

Is there such a thing? Home delivery? What if I insinuated lightly that I was on my deathbed. This could be technically true. I am in the bed I will likely die in someday, especially if I continue my bacon addiction.

What is the rule on fasting on Fridays? Since I have returned to the church, I have heard people say it isn’t necessary any more since Vatican 2. Others have said it is, but that the US church is allowed to forego.

I keep meaning to fast,but I don’t remember until after lunch so I have only abstained from meat for dinner? I don’t mean to slip, I just keep forgetting. I don’t think I have to confess that do I?

EWTN streams live. Watch Mass at 8:00 am EST tomorrow morning, it’s live.

Oh, and the Church only asks for us to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and other fasts or abstaining will be a personal penance.

It’s not a sin to miss mass because you’re sick. Maybe a relative or friend could bring Eucharist to you? Some parishes have volunteer Eucharistic ministers who could bring it to you.

Sorry you are sick but at least your since of humor is intact:D DJ Gang is right about EWTN having televised Mass.You can also watch daily/Sunday at www.themass.com .Will be praying for you,Rocky.

Listen to Our Lord

Thanks for the info.

I’m going back to bed.

You need some Polish penicillin…grandma Mary’s chicken soup. http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/ernaehrung/food-smiley-001.gif

Its not a sin to miss Mass if you are sick.
Actually in my opinion if a person has something that could be passed on then it would be a sin to go to Mass in those circumstances (just my view).

You seem to be confusing fasting and abstaining from meat. These are different things.
Fasting is required only on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
Abstaining from meat is required on these days and also all the Fridays of Lent.
Other Fridays of the year a penance is required and you may choose not to eat meat or do some other form of penance.

Thanks for the info re: fasting and abstaining.

Thanks for the mass info.

Oh, how I miss real chicken soup.

One of you folks must have prayed for me. I’m feeling nearly 70% better. I’m going to the 18:30. I am going to sit way in the back and come up last. I won’t have any contact with anyone, but I don’t have to miss the Eucharist!!!

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