I am about to despairL HELP PLEASE


All, I have been going through a tough situation, as per my mom has been taking anti-anxiety pills such as Xanax, etc, that are NOT prescribed to her. She has been not sleeping before this for a long time, insomnia, so her answer to that or anytime she is stressed out is to take those NON prescribed things. The woman who gives her those probably means well, and is very nice, but she is suffering from cancer too (the woman) and my mom seems to convince her to pass over some little pill to “help her.” The problem is, every time my mom gets on those mind altering things, she totally changes, becomes angry (extreme) and almost hayeful toward me and my father. EVERYTHING bothers her, she gets MORE deppressed, etc, etc. She becomes uncaring and distant. In other words as if she was possessed. I am sick and tired of this, as per it seems to happen in cycles of every few months or so. I have come to the conclusion that since my mom cares NOT about the advice we give her about the pills etc, and continues, Iwe are going to have to confront that woman, and we are going to have to tell her the truth, that if she continues to provide my mom with unprescribed medication that belongs to her (the lady) we will have to file a police report. She is a nice lady and a long time family freind, but this demonic situation cannot continue, it is destroying us, and deppressing me, as per I get all of my mother’s negativity and anger.
What would you do? PLEASE help me, please pray fro me and my family as per this is destryoying all peace at home.


Oh, thanls for all who will take the time to respond, thanks.


This is a tough situation. And I know how you feel. My mother takes lots of pain medicine, though it is prescribed by her doctors because she is ill. In your case, I say you need to sit down with your priest and have a long talk with him about this. Explain the situation and get his advice. Personally, I’d strongly consider doing an intervention here. Get your father, other siblings, mother’s friends, priests, relatives, etc, and just confront her about her problem. But first go to your priest to seek his advice.


Thank you, YES I agree, today I have an appointment with my priest friend, a holy priest with much years experience 75 years old.


I will pray for your situation. SInce both you and your mother are adults, it might be best to choose to be elsewhere whenever she engages in drug abuse. It may not do much good to file a report on her supplier, but I like the idea and I think I would do that anyway.


:o Have you spoken with “the supplier” of your mother’s non-perscribed meds before? If not, you may want to explain the situation to her and let her know you want what’s best for your mother and family.

I would at least talk to the woman first before turning her in to the cops.


I really don’t see how turning in the woman with cancer to the police is going to help you or your mother. The person who needs the intervention is your mother. I think talking to her supplier and appealing to her not to give your mother her medicine is ok. I hope your priest friend can help you with this. It’s got to be hard for you to deal with this, I hope things can work out for the better in the future for you and your family.



Thanks all, please keep praying.


It is a good thing that you have realised that you mom has a problem. It is not an easy thing but I hope and pray that things work out. Your mother has a serious problem and she has become addict to the medication that her friend gives her. There is something that you need to consider that this lady is not even aware that she is supply to your mother. I think it would be best if you went to this lady and discussed the problem with her. There is no point in your going there and been agressive or threatening this lady because this is not her fault. You mother is an adult and she is aware of the problem but ignoring it and sweeping it under the carpet.

I was not aware that there was a problem with this friend of mine. I work for the health department so friends always ask for advice or medication not serious medication cough mixer, antibiotics, pain tablets, asma pumps etc. Anyway I had this friend who kept asking for cough mixer and I did not think as it was winter and the flu was going around and then she was wanting pain killers all the time because she was having back pain etc. Then one day there was a whole group of us coming back from work on the bus. Anyway at that time I was going through depression and flu etc, etc. So I opened my bag to get my phone out and she saw the tablets and asked me what tablets did I have so I told her she actually wanted me to give her some of it. Then I realised there was a problem so I confronted her and told her that she needs to get help but she refused and there was nothing I could do. She made it very clear that it was not my business. So up until today she does not speak to me that was a year ago.

Today people can become addict to over the counter medication and it is a serious problem. Like cough mixer people are addicted to that and pain tablets are the worst. Am not sure if you guys have this that end of the world it is called Grandpa it is a powder pain killer people cannot live without it they take about 3 to 4 a day. Your mother has a serious problem and she will need professional help from a Psychiatrist as it is a addiction a priest can advice you but in the end professional help is needed. Sorry to say this but it is like a drug addict that needs a fix and in the end detox is required. I have seen this for myself that is why I am saying so simple thing like pain killers even glue there are young kids who sniff glue to get high.

I hope and pray that things get sorted out. Please let us know what the outcome is. I am so sorry that this is happening but the good part is that you are aware and concerned and I hope that you get a solution to the problem.


As a consumer of anti-depressant type meds, I can tell you that they are not to be taken lightly. Nor are they designed to be taken for a while, then stop cold turkey. This could explain part of your mother’s change attitude.

Often, if someone either needs to change meds or go off them completely, it should be done slowly and under the watchful eye of the doctor. One should never go cold turkey, which again, could explain your mother’s change in attitude.

I concur with the others:

  1. Talk with your mom’s friend and your priest-friend first,
  2. then talk with your mother; by means of an intervention, if necessary.

Good luck & God bless.


Thank you. I heard too any mind altering thing opens doors to evil: a portal.


Hello, I know what you are going through. It can be so painful and serious to have a loved one…especially a mother in such a situation. To begin, I must say…I have worked with may people in such situations. It may be hard and It might seem “unfeeling” to you for the time being…But the Law or some other person in Authority must be involved…This will change the entire thing. The problem here is that drugs are involved, mind altertering drugs at that…the involving another source will bring light and healing to the problem… REALITY…call the Authorities if you have too!

I will pray for you,


Love & prayers being sent your way! :gopray:


It has been my experience that in order for an intervention to be successful everyone involved must be on the same page and there must be consequences if the addict does not agree to get help. This is difficult. What kind of consequences are you willing to hold fast to if your mother refuses to get help for her addiction?


Did you mom start to act this way only since she has been taking Xanax, or has she acted this way before?

Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication and helps calm the person down. One of the side affects is mental/mood changes and should be reported to the doctor, but of course, she can’t for no doctor prescribed them to her.:bigyikes: Is she taking other medications other than this one?

You have my prayers as well.:gopray:


Ambien is another, the mood changes are she gets depressed, and ANGRY.


She must sleep alot, or maybe the Xanax doesn’t make her drowsy, but Ambien is only to be taken at night. It is a sleeping pill. I wonder why she feels that she needs Xanax.

Is it only when she takes these medications that she gets angry or does she get angry without them as well?

I ask this question to see if it is in fact the medication or they could be another problem?


If your mom has a regular physician for other medications why not include him/her on your list of people to turn to for help?

Anti-depressants are dangerous…now that they are in your mom’s system she may very well need a doctor’s care to get off the stuff. Cold turkey withdrawal runs the risk of turning someone suicidal.


My mom has always suffered from severe anxiety, and i think it goes to years back to her childhood. She has deep seated guilt, and inner anger, it just surfeces more on those demon pills.


talk to the woman first, if she fails to comply, then go to the police. please be charitable to her when you talk to her, she does have cancer, and she may think she is helping your mom out.
iam sure that if you tell her charitably that what she is doing is
illegal she will stop doing it immediately rather than risk going to jail. Tell your mother if you can without her retaliation, mom, i know those pills you are receiving are not presrcibed to you, please stop taking them and get help. if she refuses to do so, and the lady in question who has cancer refuses to stop giving them to her, then call the police. i know someone who has a really bad drug problem, and he refuses to give it up, so we have cut ties with him, but we do care about him. he has been in and out of jail and refuses all help, and he has been to rehab so many times that some rehabs in his area wont take him anymore because he wont complete the program. your mom needs help, and only you and your dad can coax her into getting help.if you can get your mom to stop taking the pills, and get the lady to stop giving them to her, then you might avoid a bad situation.

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