I am always worried God will punish me?


ever since I broke a promise to Him, I am worried that he will punish me by ‘impregnanting’ me or something like that. Because that’s always my greatest fear. I am a virgin and am thirteen years old. This is not something God would do right? I have repented to him and asked for forgiveness.


If you have asked for forgiveness, you are forgiven - this is God’s promise (1 John 1:9). Ask Him to give you faith and confidence in His love.

The only woman God has ever impregnated was Our Lady, and He asked for and received permission first! So no, you don’t need to worry about this!

The Lord knows and loves you, and understands your weaknesses and strengths. He doesn’t want you to fail so He can “zap” you, He wants you to live a faithful life and rejoice with Him forever (2 Peter 3:9).

It is good that you want to please Him, but you don’t need to be haunted by fear. Rejoice in His love! :smiley:


If you’re catholic, my dear, be sure to go recieve the Sacrament of Penance; don’t worry, it will help :). You’re going to be fine, dear.


God never in the history of mankind punished anyone in this way. pregnancy results from human genital sexual intercourse. If you don’t know what that means, ask your parents to get a good book on the topic written from a Catholic point of view. Love and Life, parent guide and student book, by Coleen Mast, from Ignatius press, is one of the best. The time and place for intercourse and pregnancy is marriage, so naturally as a Catholic you will be waiting until you are in a valid marriage, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you have failed, as so many do, in this area, you go to confession, you receive absolution–the loving merciful forgiveness of Jesus himself, through the priest. You make a good act of contrition, do penance and make a resolution not to do again whatever led you to sin, and you stay away from people and places and situations that tempt you to sin. Even if, because through pressure, desire to please a boy, your own weakness, even rape or date rape, you are afraid of what might happen, speak to your parents immediately so they can help you. Even if a pregnancy arises, a baby is ALWAYS a blessing from God, NEVER a punishment. The baby is innocent, and cannot possibly be evil.

If you are in turmoil over something in your life right now, sit down and talk to your parents now, you have a right to their guidance and support. If you need confession, ask to be taken to church, Jesus is waiting for you.


Honey, you sound a bit tormented. This is never God’s doing…only the devil’s.
Why are you so afraid of being impregnated supernaturally? Did you see a troubling hollywood movie in which this happened? God does not want to punish you or humiliate you, he is a gentle father who loves you.
Please go to your parents and ask them to bring you to a Catholic counselor.


God Loves You so very, very much.


no He won’t do that :hug1:

I made a promise to God a long time ago, when I was around your age, and I broke it too. My priest told me it’s best not to make promises like that cause we might break them. Now you know :slight_smile: don’t worry so much about it… you repented, asked for forgiveness, He forgave you, and remembers it no more. Don’t fear :slight_smile:

God bless.


When the Apostles’ Creed says, “I believe in the forgiveness of sins,” that means that YOU are required to believe that your sins–yes, even YOURS–are forgiven.


A baby is never a punishment. A baby is always a blessing.
If you are not having sex, you are extremely unlikely to get pregnant. If you are, stop.
If you confess your sins and do penance and have contrition you are forgiven.
God is your Maker. He knows you are only 13 and how hard things are at that age. He wants to help you, not entrap you.


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