I am an israeli and converted to Catholicism. What do you think?

I personally believe I did the rightest thing . I grew up atheist and realized Atheism is pure emptyness . Now I feel better and I feel my life improved . I think it’s the most natural thing for israeli jews to convert to Christianity , for Jesus Christ the Savior was ethnically a jewish israeli . Am I accepted as your brother in Christ ?

Hello, Thomas Welcome!!!:wave:
We’re so glad to have you here at CAF. I recently joined this forum and I love it. I absolutely think you did the right thing and I really appreciate what you said about the emptiness of atheism v. The presence of God.
I really hope you like it here.

You are accepted my friend with great happiness in my heart. I’m sure all of heaven is rejoicing over you as well.

The truth has set you free as I hope it will to all your countrymen.

Am I accepted as your brother in Christ ?

Of course, blessings to you and i am so happy that you found him, he is probably celebrating in Heaven for you.

Blessings and love!

Welcome! Yes, you are accepted as my brother in Christ.

If you are baptized into Christ then you are our brother. All humans are brothers and sisters on earth but in Christ we are brothers and sister of the living God. Welcome dear brother

Amen to that.

Hope to see you on CAF from time to time

Welcome to the forum my brother in Christ :slight_smile:
I am so glad you decided to join us here.
God bless you my friend

Goes without saying that you are indeed a brother of every Catholic in the world. You are welcome here and I am sure everyone welcomes you as I do.

God Bless you

Yes. Welcome!

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Welcome brother. May God bless you on your journey.

I’m so happy. Would that we could all be closer brothers and sisters in Jesus. Welcome.

In Christ there is no Jew nor Greek. All who share in the one faith and the one baptism are one in Christ. Welcome to the Church!

Christ came for the whole world; He came for each of us. Catholic comes from the Greek word meaning universal… Welcome!!!

NO!!! GO AWAY!!! Just kidding. Of course I am delighted and hope that you will bring many more of your Israeli brothers and sisters with you “that we may all be one.”

Of course you are accepted, with great joy!! Praise God! Welcome to the One, True Faith & welcome to Catholic Answers.

Welcome. I have found that Jewish converts to Christianity have a much better and more complete understanding of the faith than most of us raised in it do.

Good day, my fellow brother in Christ and welcome to Catholic Answers. Please feel free to make yourselves at home (I hope I’m right on this one.).

There is an association called Hebrew Catholics which would be a great resource for you and connect you with other Hebrew Catholics. Likewise there is a book out “Salvation is from the Jews” written by a Jewish Catholic Convert. (can’t remember his name) God Bless and welcome home as an elder brother in the Lord. I am sure you have a lot to share and great insight to give.

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