I am being called to the Catholic Church


but I am on my fourth marriage. Can I still become a Catholic?


Depends on why you were married four times, and the circumstances of those marriages. At the least you’d need to have them investigated by the Church as to whether any of 'em are valid or not.


Thank you for your response. What if one of my previous marriages were valid? Would I need to leave my wife now?


Yes, because you’d still be married to your other wife.



Please pray for me.



I will do that. I am just about to pray a rosary.



Not always, I heard. It seems that the Catholic Church will still allow a (legally married) couple to live as “brother and sister” when a previous valid marriage prevents the couple from validly marrying.

Don’t have a source for this now, though.


:signofcross: for you and your situation.


Thank you very much for your prayers. I am so excited about the Catholic Church. I have found great comfort in praying the rosary also. I am converting from Protestantism. Thank you again!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Diggnitty, you situation is particularly hard (being re-married). I acknowledge this, although I certainly haven’t been there myself (I’m 17 yrs old). I’d definitely check with the Church to see if your previous marriages were valid. If they were though - that’ll be difficult. I mean I guess one could say that it’s all worth it in the end, but that’s easier said than done, admittedly.


P.s. I prayed a rosary for you - I think. I thought of you during the first decade, and maybe a bit afterwards on the Our Father beads. It probably still counts though. :smiley:


Consider yourself prayed for :crossrc:


I think you should look into getting an anulment for all your marriages and letting the church decide whether they are valid or invalid.


impossible to give an answer in this forum on an individual marriage situation. see you parish priest for advice. the personal opinion or best guess of other forum members (which except for well needed prayer) is the only thing offered here so far, is not only useless but dangerous for you to hear. Please get the facts about your own situation and marriage history in order, take them to your priest and take his guidance. If you have questions about becoming Catholic, go the evangelization forum and first read the sticky at the top “how do I become Catholic” then search for topics related to RCIA. If you have questions about marriage and annulments in general, go to the liturgy and sacraments forum and search on those topics.


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