I am being tempted to leave the Church yet again


Hi everyone. Could you all please pray for me? I'm being tempted to leave the Church yet again. I'm sorry if this has gotten old but I really do need the prayers.


Stop! I will remember you in the Angelus this morning. Know that we all have doubts. We all lose faith. God gave us an intellectual capacity as way to bring us closer to him. Emotion, the expression of thoughts, is a way of connecting or disconnecting with that intellectual capacity. What you have not explained is what disruption in your thinking that would cause such an emotional upheaval.

If this is a function of youth, go, go be an Anglo-catholic. Because we all know you’ll be back. If this is a function of a perceived hypocrisy of the church, know that the church in it’s glory is set up to be run by humans. She is meant, therefore, to make mistakes & correct herself like any other institution. If it is something you have done, She is here for you. Pray, get involved. What you need, I believe, is the affirmation of like-minded Catholics. You are not alone. Strike up a conversation after mass with someone you admire.

Sometimes this forum is like the Republican party that happens to go to mass on Sunday. It can be hard to find compassion, and very easy to find endless diatribe about doctrine. I am not like that. Feel free to send me a private message & I know that we can figure this all out. First, I implore you to find a priest, deacon or sister that you are comfortable with to guide your spiritual direction. God bless.

In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit, Amen.


Dear Lord,

I pray for this Sister, Holly. I am praying that she reconsider her wanting to leave your Precious Holy Mother Church. As I pray I will share. I left at 18 and came back. What a waste of life without the wonderful Sacraments, the richness of the True Apostolic Church that you started with St. Peter. Please God show Holly, that this would be the biggest mistake of her life. Give grace in her confusion. If a Protestant faith is what she is tempted by, she will miss your presence in the Holy Eucharist. She will leave eventually from a Protestant Church feeling so empty, I know. No cleansing is there without confession to a Priest. Speak to her Lord let her know what a devastation this would be spiritually.

Holy Mother, Dearest Mary - intercede and pray for our Holly. Please show her that other faiths ignore You, even despise You, try to explain You away. How lonely without the Family in Heaven when we are told that they cannot intercede for us in prayer. The Catholic Church is THE Church. Are those Protestant Church folks Christian, yes, if they profess, but they are getting short changed, by so, so much. Those Churches do not have the foundation as the Catholic Church. Please God show Holly to stay in the wonderful Catholic Church.

In your Precious Name Jesus-Amen.


Praying dear! :hug3: Don’t leave now, you’ve made it this far along the journey, hang in there, I have these temptations too. Even the greatest of Saints have been tempted with such thoughts. Ask them for their intercession in helping you overcome these temptations against faith. Know that Jesus in the Eucharist loves you so incredibly much and that only our blessed Catholic Faith possesses Him in the fullest earthly way possible in the Holy Eucharist. :love: I, your sister in Christ, love you and want nothing but the BEST for you. I couldn’t give you more than our precious Catholic Faith. Please private message me if I can help you in anyway. We’re in this together. :hug3:


Holly, this is about the third time in the last two weeks you've mentioned you're being tempted to leave the Church.

Are you sure you're not saying this just to get attention?

WHY do you think that leaving the Church is desirable? Maybe if you articulated that issue, we might be able to help you with a particular point or points.


Praying hard.


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