I am challenging EVERY Catholic adult here


MEN & WOMEN who are physically able to and otherwise capable I CHALLENGE you to volunteer at your Church to be: a Reader, a Sacristan, an Adult Altar server (MALES ONLY), someone who passes the collection basket, unpaid help at the Church office, cleaning the Church (unpaid of course), Religious Education teacher. And I’m sure there are more. You might say Oh well there are groups of people for that and they don’t want new people-------won’t know until you ask & volunteer. I have seen it over and over and over again the people that do take care of these functions get older, they get tired & sick and then sadly die off and THEN new people have to be found. DON’T wait for that to happen. HELP THEM NOW!

Stop and realize if we all volunteered in some way even for a certain period of time (say a year or so) and helped each of our Churches we wouldn’t have all of the issues we have today with shortages, problems etc. Every “duty” usually has some kind of training so don’t worry, you will be taught and shown what to do and what not to do. And don’t say OH I could never do that cause 99.99% of you who are capable can do these things.

It’s EASY to just show up at Church, sit there, and have everything done. Then you leave after Mass without any worries or concerns of what also has to be done after Mass. THINK ABOUT IT----THESE ARE YOUR CHURCHES and it’s not always somebody else’s job or it’s not always going to be somebody else volunteering to do what needs to be done.

Also, to no one specific, it’s very easy to criticize the Priest, the musicians, the Readers, the Sacristans, the Altar Servers BUT have you ever gotten up there and done any of it (of course not the Priest’ part) but the other things? DON’T ever criticize or even begin to point out wrongs if you have never even offered to help in any of these areas. .

The Priest of course has his role and it is the most important role but we as CATHOLICS who are supposed to love our Church/Faith also have roles. We are NOT meant to sit like bumps on logs. We are supposed to participate. If you are one of the people who physically and otherwise can’t do these things then at least TAKE PART IN THE MASS–respond, sing. How that must make Priests feel when they look out and everybody is either falling asleep, yawning, checking their watches or sitting there like dynamite wouldn’t get a flinch out of them. SO SAD. We expect so much form our Churches but exactly how much do we take part, volunteer and help. I promise you if you offer your skills and services to the Parish you will 99.99% be THANKED and shown how you can help. DO it today. It’s also part of our time, talent, treasure gifts we are supposed to give back.

Sorry if I am “preaching to some of the choir”, sounding bossy, being mean or just rude to some but seriously we need to ALL get involved in some way even for a little while if we can.


Please do not get upset for what I am going to say.The way you put that you sound as if you are chastising people.Yes, we all need to pitch in at our churches,but we do not need someone pointing their finger at us. God bless you for caring.


I have been a lector at my parish for over 20 years. I also sing in the choir from September through May.


In my parish several of the activities that you have referred to are-pardon me-run or occupied by the ‘elitist’ of the parish except for the 'dirty jobs." Every parish has them, like it or not. For the less than desirable ‘jobs’, the parish hires others to come in make life pleasant. Good luck with the challenge 'though.


Most Catholics don’t attend Mass regularly, so they aren’t going to be around anyway. The ones that do attend regularly usually are volunteering some of their time.

For example, when I, being regularly in attendance at Sunday Mass, see a piece of garbage on the floor, I pick it up, I don’t just walk on by. And when I see something in the church that is damaged or in need of replacement, I’ll point it out to Father ASAP.


Excuses, excuses. Thank you for the reminder that we all can most likely help out in some way. If we are already volunteering, great! Share the joy volunteering gives and invite someone to join you. We are all called by Christ to serve as He did.


Although I understand the sentiments of the OP, it isn’t about volunteering. Ministries are not jobs that have to be done, they are ministries people are called to do, using the gifts freely given by the Holy Spirit to help build the body of Christ. If we do not know that God is calling us to a ministry and/or do not know that we have gifts to use and offer, how do we know where or how we are willing to serve?

My recent experience of desperately needing help, demonstrates the power of prayer. I prayed for help and God provided. Our Parish priest and I asked people (looking them in the eyes) if they had thought about helping with children’s ministries and one person quickly picked up the baton and invited others. The Holy Spirit is moving people to respond to a gentle personal invitation. Those who declined were either not ready or not called to children’s ministries. In autumn we start a new, longer and more intensive First Holy Communion Preparation with a mission to adapt it as whole family faith formation, a senior and junior Children’s Liturgy of the Word and faith formation for catechists. And we will continue to invite others to consider if this is where God is calling them to serve in whatever capacity helps our parish grow to be the parish and people God is calling us to be.


Some day when I’m in one place and not overwhelmed with a truly massive amount of responsibilities on top of grief, maybe I’ll get a chance to be in a Church ministry. I’d prefer something nobody sees, like vacuuming.


The OP will be pleased to know that I’ve signed back on as an altar server at my parish and I’ve served my first mass with our new pastor. I have a feeling we’ll get along very well. At least he’s taken care of some of the things that were really bothering me.

Not that this has anything to do with operating a parish, I’ve also just signed up for a 26 week program called Just Faith. Here’s their website: https://justfaith.org/ I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes.


I help clean the pews twice a month.


There is something spiritually therapeutic about vacuuming: perhaps the sound of the vacuum cleaner of the near mindlessness of the task where we can let the heart and soul work things out. A good time to meditate and let God clean out the cobwebs that gunk up our inner temples. I like to vacuum.


AWESOME! What a blessing.


That is wonderful, every little bit helps.


Not upset, I knew my “tone” might be taken in a negative light. I just wanted to “remind” everybody that the Church is there for us when we need Her but we have to be there for the Church because She always needs us to help keep Her going physically and spiritually. It’s all good. God Bless.


That is awesome, I know it must be such a blessing for you.


I know what you mean about those who tend to do it all in the Parish but that is sadly what keeps others from volunteering sometimes. Well God Bless.


You do your part and that’s what matters. God Bless.


Dlee yep if everybody does a little then 1-2 won’t have to do everything. Parishes no matter big or small are for everybody. We all have gifts to offer. Thanks for your response.


Yes we are all blessed in some way with some gifts we can offer even those who can’t get out much can make calls or prepare parish mailings to be sent out. Your gentle persuasion along with your Priest was a great step in the right direction. God Bless y’all.


You’ve had your “plate full” lately but God understands and He’s just waiting for when you’re ready. God Bless.

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