"I am Christian" means death for many: Cardinal Wuerl

(Vatican Radio) In many societies today, the utterance of a simple phrase, “I am a Christian”, is a crime punishable by death. So widespread is this persecution that Pope Francis called it a “third world war, waged piecemeal … a form of genocide”.

The Holy Father spoke primarily of those many who are dying for the Faith today. Yet many more Christians live in constant danger. According to reliable estimates, more than 200 million Christians in 60 countries around the world face some form of restriction on their faith.

Persecution is happening today on a massive scale, and the perpetrators are from everywhere on the globe. They draw their motivation from a wide range of ideologies, from materialistic, from a wide range of ideologies, from materialistic communism to radical Islam. They charge Christians with crimes such as sedition and blasphemy. Persecution is taking place in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, India, China, Nigeria, Sudan, North Korea, and many other lands. It is happening in plain sight. Sometimes the persecutors brazenly post video footage of the execution of Christians on social media.



International Christian Concern acts as a bridge between believers in free countries and believers in persecuted countries. This bridge carries encouragement, prayers and aid in while news, requests, and love flow back over the bridge. The bridge also allows for the voices and concerns of the persecuted to be heard by the Church so that we might move the rest of the world to action on their behalf.

Since 1995

An estimated eleven Christians are killed every hour.


The most concerning point is I am not sure what is being done to stop it.

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