I am confused


I want to start off by saying that Ive been a Christian for as long as I can remember thats how my mother brought me up. Recently my mom got engaged to a very nice gentleman whom is where he is from is called Greek Orthodox ok now I know it is in a way similar to the catholic religion I kinda understand that. She got accepted into his church and converted. Now this is the thing I guess for all these years I have followed her to better help me as a person and I m proud of the person Ive become but, I am confused about things now. Always being told this is what I need to do and this whats the difference in Christianity and the Catholic religion? I am curious as Ive always followed my mom for guidance I know I have to stand on my own to feet and I want to have and understanding of the two beliefs as to how to follow my heart. I’ve always believed in God not matter what don’t get me wrong just need some facts to help me follow the right path.Thank you for listening and I appreciate any answers anyone might offer.


I’m sure you will got a lot assistance here. First off I’d like to point out that all Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholic.
Are you looking for information on Catholicism or Greek Orthodoxy?


Ive read a lot on Greek Orthodoxy so my question is more along the lines of Catholicism. I am sorry I didn’t mean it to seem like I was saying Catholics aren’t Christians its just some of the belief difference Ive noticed in a few Catholic friends I have. Again I m sorry it wasn’t intended to sound like that. Thank you


All Catholics are Christians.
All members of the various Orthodox churces (Greek, Russian etc.) are Christians.
Not all Christians are Catholic or Orthodox, some belong to various Protestant denominations, and some are not affiliated with any denomination at all.

If you have specific questions about Greek Orthodox beliefs and practices, go to the Eastern Christianity forum and ask your question. Fr. Ambrose and other helpful forum members will aid you.


May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you all!

The Catholic Church is the only Church that Our Good Lord Jesus Christ founded.

It has existed from the time of the Apostles (year 33 AD) up to now. No other church can claim that.

It is older than any government that exists.

It has an unbroken line of succession, from St. Peter (the first Pope) to Pope Benedict XVI, our current Pope.

It is where the Bible came from, for the Catholic Church is the one that put together the books in the Bible.

It is the only Church that has the fullness of Truth. Some other churches may have certain parts of the Truth, but it is in the Catholic Church where you will find the fullness of Truth.

May God continuously bless, enlighten, guide and protect you and your loved ones on your journey in search for the Truth!

May we all continuously draw closer to Him and His Love!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!


Because you seem to want to understand and strengthen your own Catholic faith, I am moving this thread to the Apologetics forum. Please feel free to respond with further questions so that our forum members can help you to find the answers you are seeking.

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I don’t think the OP is Catholic. It sounds like the OP is Protestant, but her mother is an Orthodox convert.


Christieana, Hi. If tou want to learn more about Catholicism I suggest going to newadvent.org.

If you want scriptural support for certain Catholic doctrines, might I suggest www.scripturecatholic.com:smiley:


If you want to know about Catholicism, the best source is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You should be able to get it at any bookstore or order it on line.

The Catechism itself is online, but it would be very difficult to read the whole thing there - unless you like looking a TV screens better than I do. :slight_smile:

Here a couple websites that have the Catechism. (Print is a little different and you might find one easier on the eyes than the other.)





The Greek Orthodox believe almost exactly the same things as the Catholics. There was a high-level split amongst the bishops many years ago over the Pope’s authority to determine matters of dogma, and the Eastern bishops split off. Day to day it hardly affects the man in the pew, although the Orthodox have introduced a few teachings, such as remarriage after divorce, which we reject.


For an introduction to the Catholic religion, I suggest you read these two Catholic Answers articles:
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