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My family and I are currently in RCIA. We are not upset with the practices or people in our former church. However, what is the rule of etiquette for telling the church you are leaving that you are converting to Catholicism? I have deep respect for the people there but I feel I have found my home in the Catholic Church. How is the best way to do this.

Thank you all,

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your, and your family’s, converstion to the Catholic Church. Welcome!


As to how to address people in your previous church and give them the news, I’m not sure. RCIA has a lot of experience. Can you ask RCIA what they think is the best way to handle that situation?

Again, welcome, and God bless you all!

Welcome, and congratulations!

There isn’t one tried and true way to do this. It all depends on how involved you were in your old church, etc…

Perhaps a few words with your former pastor should suffice? I agree with the previous poster that you may want to consult the RCIA coordinator an how best to do this.

Welcome, again!

Welcome srfnolen, to you and your family, home into the Church. :wave: :smiley:

I was in your position when I became Catholic, too. In my case I wrote a simple, charitable letter to my former pastor explaining why I was becoming Catholic. He never responded, but one of the women pillars of the church sure did. She came to my house and demanded to know why we were leaving to become Catholic before I could even ask her inside. She was so rattled, poor lady. I think back on it now and smile, but it was rather awkward at the time. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you were deeply involved or had close friends, you may want to contact them to simply let them know about your family’s decision. All you have to say is what you told us–that you’ve found your home in the Catholic Church. If they are true friends they will understand and may even congratulate you. They may have questions, so be prepared for them asking questions.

Whatever you decide to do, being positive is the best approach, which is no doubt what you planned on doing. That’s all I can say except pray about it and do what you feel would be best in your situation. God bless your family this Advent and Christmas Seasons.

Really like your post Della…:thumbsup:

I think you answered your own question. :slight_smile:

They’re your own words, spoken from the heart.

I agree! :thumbsup:

I think it would be best to keep things simple, non-argumentative and positive while showing great respect towards the Church one is leaving. :slight_smile:

Thank all of you. Yes, I guess I did answer my own question in a way. To those of you who wondered how active I was in my previous church…VERY!!! I know they will probably not understand. My husband says, “Don’t worry about what others think.” That is hard for me. I sometimes want to please everyone but I know that is practically impossible. FOR 18 YEARS, I have gone back and forth with this decision. I am so excited but am a bit apprehensive to break it to everybody. It’s a small town; they may already know. Peace has finally come and I can’t wait for confirmation. I need to practice genuflecting though. I almost turned over the pew in front of me the first time. Clumsy Baptist!

If they love you they will understand. You may get some negative responses, but you can’t control how other people feel or react. We can only control our own actions and make our own decisions. I’m sure they all do. :wink:

I need to practice genuflecting though. I almost turned over the pew in front of me the first time. Clumsy Baptist!

:rotfl: Next time bring a hammer and a couple of nails with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please be active in your new parish! We always need more enthusiasm and energy!

Also, we hope you continue to post here and participate as time allows. I have been Catholic my entire life, and if I told you how much I have learned from just participating HERE, you would never believe me.

Congratulations, again!

I suppose that it depends on the attitude of your former church. Are they fanatic anti-Catholics or more sanguine about the Church?

I would phrase it in a positive way, that you loved the Christian aspects of your former church, but the Catholic Church is the Church created by Christ and you belong in Communion with it.

The church from which I come is sola-scriptura and isn’t in agreement with Tradition aspect of the Catholic Church. It may get interesting.


To say the least. :slight_smile: I had left the Assemblies of God to return to the Episcopal Church but I wasn’t becoming Catholic, so telling them was a bit easier than it will be for you. I could say I was joining a charismatic group at the Episcopal church I was then attending, so that softened the blow.

After I came back to the ECUSA, I discovered I wanted to be Catholic. That’s where it got interesting for me because I had been the Religious Ed director at a local ECUSA parish. Still, people were shocked and surprised.

I imagine your experience will be a bit more difficult because the ecclesial body you are leaving is so far from the Tradition, beliefs, and practices of the Catholic Church. All the best to you. I will think of you and your family in my prayers. :crossrc:

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